More Mailbot Messages

More Mailbot Capabilities and Stuff like that

The mailbot is pretty useless right now and I think it could use a couple fixes. It could have more messages and a relocation.

The mailbot could hover in the middle of the hub entrance staircase so it’s easier to see.

The mailbot could tell you about in game events and areas! Maybe it could have messages that say things like “Did you check out the new monthly costume?” or maybe something like “The Quest Master has quests for you!!!”

Maybe the mailbot could even fill you in on new Hive news! An example of this might be something like a new costume’s backstory or an introduction of a new gamemode. Maybe there could even be hints or nods to upcoming things!

pls vote if u like this

and Thans 4 readiagn!!!

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Yeah the mailbot looks cool though
It would be nice to see him more often !

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ehh, I feel like these ideas for messages aren’t as good as this suggestion(they’re different, but similar). Like, if I see the mailbot, I’m expecting some kind of announcement, not just a message saying “YoU hAvE nEw QuEsTs” that would get super annoying very quickly.


I like this! I don’t mean to be rude to the exceptional staff team, but sometimes mailbot really doesn’t have too much of a use.

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I see what ur saying lol but I still believe that the other ideas I made are relatively original. Good points though :slight_smile: