Exemption for the updated Sonic The Hedgehog Skin Pack

Sonic The Hedgehog Marketplace Skin Pack: Adding an exemption for the updated skin pack

Hi The Hive Forums, I made a post last December concerning various issues I had with the server lately.

One of the topics was the inability to play any skin from the Sonic The Hedgehog Marketplace Skin Pack, as this pack was updated by the developers (fixing some clipping textures most of the skins had) and the updated skins were never evaluated.

(a newer update with more skins finally broke the whole pack, not even Eggman and Chaos 0 are playable)

@Splodg3r answered very kindly (thank you very much, sorry if I was a little annoying):

We may consider adding an exemption for the updated skin pack, be sure to post a separate suggestion if this is something you’d like to see.

Original full response

So I’m doing exactly that, I hope this gets attention as I personally loved to play as these skins back when they released and I consider most of them to be playable under comparative with other skins from other marketplace packs or The Hive skins.

Thanks for your attention, share it with Sonic, Minecraft and The Hive fans and vote!

check the first post I made about this, as I made comparisons between different skin sizes and from different packs that were and today are still playable in The Hive

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