Better hive!

Are you tired of being bored from the games?

Are you also sad that you only get XP from games?

Then fear not as the Idea maker (Mechatrex90) Will Tell you some ideas
Starting off with:

  1. Hive coins Or (HC)
    So you may think that hive already has QP(Quest Points)
    Or Mine coins already exist but maybe A Shop for the lobby.

Maybe you can buy hats or Shoes or maybe some pets
(Maybe Hive coins is not purchasable but earned by games)

You can earn it in games you’ve won like:
TW: 5 coins Per win, 3 Coins per lose
SW: 4 coins Per win, 2 coins per lose
SG: 4 coins per win, 1 coin per lose
JB: 6 Coins 1st place, 4 coins 2nd Place, 2 coins 3rd Place, 1 coin for all who didn’t get atleast3rd place.

And the other game rewards is up to the Devs!

  1. Time for the fun stuff!

Maybe dragon breath potions in TW and SW? It makes you breath fire for 3 seconds.

Maybe a water bucket and some ladders to make traps and Clutches in TW, SG, SW?

Maybe enchanting in SW? Or maybe even TW? Maybe SG too!

A knockback Stick? Well I know Hive couldn’t copy other games like bedwars But here’s a better idea

A knockback bow!

It gives Knockback 1 and It does no Damage!

Maybe a 2nd Gold generator in duos? The second one can give 1 per 10 seconds?

Feeling lonely? Maybe a parrot that was coded to bring you items in SW, TW, Or SG?

Are you angry that you fell when your enemy threw you into the void in TW? Maybe buy a bed in the shop and set spawn in it near the enemy’s base?
It could cost 10 emeralds?
It’s a 1 time use!
And it can be broken by your enemy!

Oh! I have another idea! Maybe a Signal Crossbow For SG, TW, SW?
So next time your in danger, remember to use the signal Bow to call for your Friend’s Help!

Are you hungry? do you want some delicious food?

Maybe food in the lobby? You can eat some Noodles, Burgers, Pizza
Just any food you can imagine! Now you can finally enjoy your country favorite food!

Do you wanna explore The lobby faster and in style? Well Maybe add in an elytra! You can finally Fly n’ Glide in Style

That’s all for now-

Wait 1 more idea!

Maybe Daily rewards? 1 coin Each day and when it reaches Sunday You get a free mystery hat or shoes!

That’s all for now…

Note: I never really asked you to add all of these items! To take your time choosing what’s best for the game!

Please do not hate this as I took my time and love doing it! Goodbye Now! :grinning: :smile: :grin:

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Sorry, but I disagree.
Especially to the knockback bow.
Enchanting on SG feels way too op.
And I don’t think that the coins are needed as the quest master already gives cosmetics and the hive is going to rework the quest master anyway in Quests V2.
And coins are just not necessary with the quest master being there.
IDK even what to say to the asian think as that makes no sense whatsoever.

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First of I can see you spent a lot of time on thhis suggestion however multiple suggestions shouldn’t all be in one suggestion.

This is a cool concept maybe check out [Warning: Mammoth Suggestion] Hive Honeycoin - YAIGC as it is a similar concept to what you are suggesting.

What direction would this go or would it be like the fire book in SW?

These have been suggested here, also here, and even here. :arrow_left: these are for water buckets in each gamemode
For adding ladders there is only a suggestion for ladders in tw which you can find here (click me)

I feel that this would make Hive similar to other servers and not have its own uniqueness as Hypixel already has enchanting.

This is a cool suggestion but some people might get really annoyed as you can easily get hit of a bridge.

Cool idea maybe but you should create another suggestion for this individually

I don’t really have an opinion on this

This could be a really interesting maybe it would send a firework that explodes so your teammate can find you but also other players so it has risk and reward

this would be a cool idea especially if it is intractable and you can eat it and it respawns after an a bit for the individual that ate it

I don’t think that daily gift/ weekly gifts should be a thing 1. Because this can be a lot of work for the designer, 2 they occasionally have daily gifts such as during Christmas the last two year you were able to earn a gift each day.

**For suggestion that don’t already exist you can make a suggestion individually so that people **


Why did it sound like an ad from the radio
Uhm anyways, I can see you got a bunch of ideas and worked hard on this post! I pretty much have the same opinions as Vortex in everything, and as he said, some ideas might be better in an individual suggestion

Avoid making lists next time in case someone doesn’t like one of the ideas stated!

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I see where you’re coming from with this, but I feel that this is going to get shot down, mainly because:

  1. You can’t have more than one suggestion in a post
  2. Some of these sound like ways for you to get good at games, instead of actually trying