Auto-kick players if they are AFK for 15-30 minutes

I don’t think this has already suggested before (yes, I used the search button to verify) so I guess I’ll do this a thing.

Basiclly, what the title says. Automatically kick players that are away from their keyboard/controller (or phone, whatever you use) for 15-30 minutes ahead.

It’s annoying when there are AFK players, because… self-explanatory

Here’s an poll so you can vote and downvote for this (if you don’t want to vote on the poll, vote on the suggestion.):

  • I agree
  • Maybe, I don’t know
  • I disagree
  • Whoa, I can vote until 2020-03-01T02:55:59Z!

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I will agree that this should be the case because if someone AFKs there a lot it mostly cause lag due to that player afking there which is a problem a lot.

Everywhere but hubs, in hubs this is fine


Global/Games: 15 minutes
Hub: 30 minutes

is that ok?

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I used the search button and the only post relating AFK players was your post, but it was only for Murder Mystery, not global/all games.

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Yeah, afkers are annoying, especially in murd when they’re murderer


that’s why i got keyboard maestro :>

(jk ik that’s against the rules)

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It’s helpfull in mm bc when your murd you can kill the afkers for FREE XP

But it’s boring

@Demon_Wolf_Fang doesn’t agree on this for some reason

Ok? And was there a need to ping me and say that I disagreed? I didn’t agree , so what?

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Because what the heck are you gonna waste 30 minutes on? POOPING?!

Yes actually and I got nerves to say that.

you. waste. 30 minutes. ON POOPING?!

Reason Denied.

I agree that afk players should be kicked because not only they will afk the whole game and lose, their stats will also ruined so sending them back to hub is enough


Hey man gotta do what I gotta do. If I wanna watch videos on the toilet or play games I’m going to. Also , 15-30 minutes for a AFK kick?! Should be more like 5-10 minutes.

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Well i’m not gonna make a new topic or remake this post c:

But I accept

Poll for kick AFK players after 5-10 minutes:

  • I agree
  • I dissagre
  • Meh…

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That’s something I can actually agree on because the timing for it isn’t outrageous.

I would make the auto kick for idle players 5 minutes because they intentionally go AFK in games especially in MM just to get points which is unfair while other players really play the game. Idle players in the hub don’t need to get kicked since they’re not playing anything and they’re not a problem unlike in the minigames.

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That is bannable, so yeah, if this get added, this is what they will deserve. But 5-10 minutes in games, on the hub, instead of getting kicked, they are just automatically sent to a AFK room after being away from keyboard for 2 hours and 30 minutes. When they start moving again, they will go back to the hub in the place they originally were.