Warn people about no hiding in the shop in chat

It’s happened to everyone, your playing treasure wars and you get a persons treasure, they respawn and just hide in the shop. You try to hit them but it just opens up the shop menu.

What the player is doing is actually bannable.

Now, most people don’t know it’s bannable, which is why they do it. I think if it warned people at the start of the game right after it says “Cross Teaming is bannable” in chat, we would see a lot less people doing it.

This is a huge problem, it’s happening every treasure wars solo game for me, and it’s pretty annoying so the warning in chat may be able to counteract the problem a bit.

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How about we just BLOCK players from entering the shop instead by placing barriers or invisible bedrock? Is that too much to ask for, that way we won’t even have to worry about them glitching in the shopkeeper? I really don’t think they should just have it sitting there are use this as a solution because it’s very stupid, they should just focus on not allowing people to enter where the shopkeeper is in the first place.


How would you suggest blocking players?

Barrier blocks, or invisible bedrock.

That would block the player from opening the shop though, as you would just punch the block.

No you can punch through invisible bedrock, you they could also just put barriers at its feet and above its head.

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Invisible bedrock? Is that a new thing?

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No it’s in invisible block that servers used before barriers were added, you can interact with things through it. You can get it with nbt editors. You can’t with commands.

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Could they make it so that if you hit the shop keeper with left click instead of opening the shop it would just hit the person inside? Because right now no matter how you click it opens it. I don’t know if they could do that but I just thought it is something they maybe could do.

No because mobile players would have to hold the screen and that’s pain.


Ok thanks, I forgot about mobile. Sorry mobile players.

I mean, this would be the better solution, but I think this should be added while we wait for the hive to fix this

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This to me I would agree would be the best solution to stop this. I would think it would be easy enough to do and would be a solution.

Or making the shop smaller than the player, as invisible bedrock would also remove the fact that you can run through the shop (without hiding in it) in maps like sandstorm.

fyi, treasures are in barrier blocks/invisible bedrock (i know this because you can stand on them), and anyone whos played treasure wars before knows you can still break the treasure, so you would be able to access the shop if there were barriers in it


I agree. I think the hive should so something but I’m not sure what.

Yeah this is very annoying, even worse when they actually buy items to defend themselves while they are in there.(Had this happen where a guy bought Diamond armor while cowering in the shopkeeper, he was killed because he lagged hard and they D/C’d

Usually you can just snowball or bow them out but yeah, making a warning will decrease the amount of people doing this

And a few other featured servers has defense mechanisms that stop players from doing this

  • CubeCraft won’t allow players to use the shop if they have a sword in their hand so I am assuming that you can hit people inside but I haven’t tested this. I think you get damaged while you are inside them too.
  • Lifeboat has shorter NPCs
  • Galaxite will damage players that are in the shopkeeper booth

I haven’t tested Mineplex or InPVP because I haven’t seen this become a issue there


How about fixing the issue instead of adding a rule for a problem that they haven’t fixed?

Alternatively, shows players ALL the rules of the server, it’s really stupid for players to be punished for skybasing (which I don’t think should even be against the rules) when they didn’t even know it was against the rules in the first place.

Also it doesn’t help that players see Hive Youtubers breaking this rule who go unpunished :man_shrugging:


This needs to be added.
Yesterday some person hid in the shop after I destoryed their treasure. I asked them to come out. When they became toxic in chat, I put blocks around the shop.

No it was not a trap, it was something to intimidate them.

What did they say?