Warn people about no hiding in the shop in chat

I’d rather get a defense mechanism for the shopkeeper, adding stuff like warnings might be finicky

If I were one of the devs I’d propose to have the players get thrown off the shopkeeper to prevent them from hiding, just like how the barrier works in Snow Wars but a lot less flight and kb


We could have damage over time but Galaxite already has this

They basically went toxic in chat and called me a noob and stuff.
Then when I managed to kill them via making them jump, they were still toxic in chat.

Other than that. Why? Yesterday when I was playing, 3 times a row I saw people running into the shop. Add this fast even though it doesn’t need 100 votes.

Bump, shop hiding is way too popular. At least add this if you’re not going to fix it yet.

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They’re making it so the shopkeeper is solid

border block beneath would just be better, only issue is if someone pearls coz they can go through so they could land on the wall.

I mean, the problem needs a fix now though, not whenever they decide to add a game update to twars. It’s getting to the point where most people hide in the shop when buying stuff.

People wouldn’t be able to access the shopkeeper if you but border blocks beneath

That is the fix, it’s just not out yet

Still, if they insist on waiting to release it, they should at least add this in the meantime, which would be extremely easy to do(even though I think making it so you collide with the shopkeeper should be easy too, but I guess it’s not)

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Just use invisible bedrock or make the entity’s hitbox bigger

Why is skybasing even against the rules lol

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It delays the game, and doesn’t actually help you win

It “delays” the game in the same way waiting for someone to walk over a bridge so you can knock them off “delays” the game. It’s simply a strategy that people use, and it’s not even that hard to counter.

And my point still stands that if players aren’t told that something is against the rules on the server they shouldn’t be banned for it, especially a completely arbitrary rule like this one.


no ofence but knowing hive staff i thought they’d close this for no reason

I mean, this should be closed as it’s irrelevant

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also, sorta of topic, but it’s so funny when they try to go into the shop, and realize they can’t


Hey :wave:
As said above players cannot hide in the shop keeper anymore and therefore I will close this suggestion now. :grin:

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message here or on Discord :blobheart: