Going inside shop keeper

Honestly if this was a problem on Hypixel and you go to complain about it on the forums then your gonna get shredded with “Your just a salty kid” or “It’s just a strat”. Just like what happened to when a guy complained about Emerald Gate keeping(Well it’s more of a problem on Lifeboat then here)

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Yeah I think this is becoming more of a problem. Had this happen 2 times in a single game with different players, First one decided to exploit the merchant after failing to destroy a minion and the over one was the last one who barricaded himself in end stone


What I think should be implemented is that the player starts taking damage if they’re in the shop keep for more than 10-15 seconds. I usually go inside the shop keep to stall for time so after my invulnerability runs out so I don’t die and have time to buy a sword or blocks to escape or fight.

Probably one of the reasons why this suggestion was made, people keep going in it so they are invulnerable unless they were projectile’d out of it

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I think there should be a fix to this problem, but they maybe do not need to fully block them off, they could use the other methods like others suggested.


Dude you realise the same happens to them right? So if you were the enclose someone in the shop keeper they can’t get out because they can’t move but are always hitting the keeper so they can’t break the blocks around them. This a good reason why you should keep it in because this is a great counter and is a major part in many people’s strats. Or you could just projectile them. Think about it this way, you are removing something that you don’t know how to counter? Maybe inquire into what you can’t do against shop keeper camping if the usual thing doesn’t work. I 90% sure that you have tried anything else than hitting them.

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Lately I have been placing blocks around the shopkeeper at the start but in a way so Nobody can actually get in it, unless they actually try breaking into it, and in a way so I can still buy stuff

I know this is mean, but if somebody goes inside a shopkeeper I just trap them there with blocks so they don’t repeat it.

I might do that as well

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Don’t do that, I’m pretty sure traps like that fall under delaying the game unless you kill them right away. So that’s actually another reason to remove this

What about making the Npc shorter?

Also I’m gonna bump since there was was a duplicate post that had a similar subject

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Mini bump.

Today I went to CubeCraft to play Egg Wars and I noticed that you couldn’t open the shopkeeper with tools or weapons.

I think we should have a similar feature to this so we can still hit the players in it without getting sent to the shop Interface to prevent people from exploiting the shopkeeper


They should make the shopkeeper a little smaller so its harder to hide in them. People would try to hide in the shopkeeper and you would hit them on the head bc the shopkeeper is a dwarf.

They should just make the shop keeper like the mystery chest where it’s a sold block

heres what we need


How about they just completely remove the ability to hide in it

That’s what he quoted me saying smh

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We will be implementing a feature to prevent players from hiding inside the shop keeper NPC, and to prevent players from being able to trap others inside the shop keeper as well.

The implementation will be much like how interactables (vending machines etc.) function in Murder Mystery :slight_smile:


We have added this suggestion (by preventing players from being able to go into the shop keeper NPC), it is rolling out now :slightly_smiling_face: