Time Owl pet

This really need to release because im tired getting quest point and game booster everyday

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i really want this to be added i think it would be a great addition to the hive!

read what the owner of this post said

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this could be a bit unbalanced, but ill still vote.

Wdym unbalanced?

500 days or even 1 year is a bit unfair, when you can work an hour and buy another pet

Thats the point? An exclusive pet for those willing to log in everyday for that long


It would be a bigger flex to earn it and be a consistent user rather than using your 5$ Minecoin gift card you got for Christmas.


Bump since the Hive is adding only cosmetics instead of new games this should get added :cubee:

There probably gonna take this down because I'm being honest....

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bump because I did it (2 years) .

and I’m still waiting for this… :face_holding_back_tears:


congrats :trophy:


We need This Hive It’s almost at 200 votes :pleading_face:


This really needed to added


Voted cuz why not get more motivation to get a longer loginstreak! (Im almost at 190 streak)

I like the idea, but the hive said you only can get pets by buying them

Not all literally got rock on April fools there’s a chance they make a free pet Like doing this

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I’m pretty certain that they meant they won’t make them all buyable through quest points and stuff like that. So there will never be a quest thing you can buy pet gifts. Free pets can happen, just won’t make them all buyable. Same with mounts and hats probably.

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I made this poll in case Hive had any hesitation about people who had thrown their loginstreaks. This is not a legitimate measurement of how many people have actually thrown their streaks, since this could be easily faked, but it will hopefully spark some discussion. :smile:

  • I have thrown my login streak and would still like to see this added.
  • I have thrown my login streak and would not like to see this added.
  • I have not thrown my login streak.

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If Hive has stated clearly that they are not going to add this, please give us a link to where :pray:

However, if you’re talking about this post from ClankStar, I believe he clarified somewhere that “not committing” means that they haven’t decided either way yet.

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