Survival Games Enchantment Idea

I like how the Hive has unique game mechanics for a lot of things, so I wanted to think of an idea that would help out survival games, but not just to suggest some regular old feature that you see in any other server. So now, I present… my idea of Hive Enchanting!

Enchantment Idea #1: How it works:

  • You have a regular iron sword? It has no enchants. You find another iron sword? Awesome! Combine the two iron swords and get a sharpness 1 iron sword! I’ll add more details to this idea, because this is OP, and I recognize that.

Additional Ideas for Enchanting:

  • First thing is first, you would have to make swords a bit less common, but to keep with having weapons decently common- maybe up the rate of axes.
  • Another thing, make the UI for the enchant table into the Anvil UI, and that’s the only place where you could combine your swords for enchants. This could help end games faster, as more people would be around enchant places and people wouldn’t be as spread out.
  • Possible Addition: Possibly cap the enchants at sharpness 1, or it could be a bit out of hand. If there is no cap for enchants- then make it like the normal minecraft system- where you have to have 2 sharpness 1 swords to make 1 sharpness 2 sword.
  • As weapons could be enchanted, it would also make sense if armor could be enchanted.

If this idea is a bit too much- I think a super balanced way to do enchanting would be to only allow this system with diamond items (because they are rare and you couldn’t get too many enchants). Yes, I understand diamond is already the strongest- but I think if you have 4 diamond boots and 2 diamond swords- you should be able to do something with that.
(4 Diamond Boots would equal a single Protection 2 Diamond Boot, and 2 Diamond Swords would equal a single Sharpness 1 Diamond Sword)

Thanks for reading, and I’ll do an enchantment idea #2 if you guys want me to. Just lmk! Peace :innocent:

I somewhat like this idea. However I would just add a indicator that shows how much “xp” you have so hive could still use the xp bar for leveling


I wasn’t planning on XP being involved with the enchanting at all… The XP bar being used as levels kind of makes it like that I guess.

Maybe they would make a replacement for XP, I am not sure.


I totally agree with this idea ! It’s awesome, and the games would be faster ! :smile:

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A sharpness 1 diamond sword would melt everyone lol.