Enchantments and Effects

Enchantments And Effects

Enchantments should be added. We first have to upgrade enchantment of level 1 then we can upgrade it to higher levels.

3 diamond - Sharpness 1
5 diamond- Sharpness 2
7 diamond- Sharpness 3
10 diamond- Sharpness 4

3 diamond- Haste 1
6 diamond- Haste 2
8 diamond- Haste 3

10 diamond- Strength
(Speed and Jump Effects Also)

Enchantments and effects should be available for the whole match not only for like 2 mins, 5 min. And it should be available for whole squad/duo/trio. I mean if anyone member of a squad buy a effect then whole squad will get the effect. I hope u pick my suggestion.

yeah let’s not copy hypixel

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  1. What gamemode are you talking about?

  2. This is a dupe:

She isnt copying hypixel first of all.
Other servers have enchantments for skywars.
okay first, i like this idea but not effects because we already have enchanted books that do this kinda stuff for us. Second, The enchantment tables should be in sky wars and only sky wars
and in the middle of the map. Third, We should make lapis drop Experience bottles , lapis lazuli
and the enchantment books ofcourse ( hives version of them) and you would have to go to middle to enchant. Unfortunately for lastly, Hive already has enchantments on armor, haste would break the game because trappers would be to op, Sky wars KITS (a mistake in my opinion but im thankful its another gamemode) already has a trapper kit.
We honestly dont need nothing better than the “Plain Old Iron Pic”

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do you know her or smth?

not specifically hypixel just most servers in general.
the enchantment table thing you said is cliche and hive doesnt want nor need that.
haste is also unnecessary lol

this isn’t necessarily a bad suggestion but it’s not what hive will ever implement

I dont know i just thought they were a she.
I look at someones online profile and the first thing i try to do is identify their gender :sob:

probably best not to assume genders lmao

Are you a boy or a girl?

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also, again, please make your posts count, ORI.

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I just put . not to spam.
it was like how you had the nerve to put that
“well yes, but actually no”