Survival Games Suggestions For Patch 2 Update

I’ve recently been playing survival games alot getting high kill games, and noticed alot of things that I think would make a good place in the **Hive Survival Games.**So here they are.
After looking into replies, I have re-edited and rethought my suggestions.All new corrections and notes will be done in bold.

I have looked over and edited my thoughts based on the response. (1)

1. Enchanting.
After closing inspection, Enchanting in the way I suggested is complicated and could interfer with other things like level and loot distrubation.

Although, I do thing they should be something similar to enchanting in the game, it wouldnt work with xp. For how I now want it, check out this post by a hive helper on enchanting.

2.Chest Refills.
I think chest refills would be good because if you don’t have much loot there isn’t much you can do except hope someone with alot of armour dies.

I think the chest refill would be at either 5:00 minutes until deathmatch or when deathmatch automatically starts when there is 4 people left.
I still agree with this, but I can’t find a perfect time for the refill, let me know!

3.Player Tracker
I think people should be able to find a player tracker (only in supply drops, so it is a rare item) that will track the nearest enemy player.
Likewise, I would like a tracker you get from the start in Duos that will always track your teammate, if they died, the item disappears.
This would be good so then you could meetup with your teammate if you can’t see there nametag.
If you find an enemy tracker i think it should merge into the team tracker so you can switch between with the use action.Once again, I want it to be clear that is a very rare item and would probably been found late game.

Thank you for reading my suggestions.I hope you take them into consideration and maybe implement it.

Once again, thank you.
Any Suggestions to add or disagree with would be great because i want other views and different options.

I will paste what I said in the old topic :

Most of these would be good, but you won’t be able to have teammate tracker and a player tracking at the same time.

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Fair point but it could switch from team and enemy

Personally I like the idea of a teammate tracker, but dislike one of an enemy tracker (makes it too easy to go enemy to enemy, and with a tracker you can’t really get sneaked up on) So I’d say not adding the latter, and having the former be given at the start of duos games could be a nice adition


I agree that’s why it should only be in supply drops but I see your opinion

I dislike the chest refills unless mid is unaffected because mid can give you some op loot like diamond swords and diamond armor and all that rare level 2 chest loot. and enchanting just no thank you please

Some good ideas here. I think with a bit more thought they could be good enough to add ingame.

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The treasure wars update only had snowballs and enderpearls and a couple of maps

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Just wanted to let everyone know i have update this post based on everyone’s feedback.Thanks!

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