SkyWars Suggestions

Hi, noticing the SkyWars isn’t added on the site yet! Otherwise Hi, I am back. With the release of Skywars I’ve noticed a few things already. And would like to give me thoughts and see what everyone thinks. Yes, I understand that SkyWars is a new game on The Hive; and things could still be in the work.

Compasses: I believe adding compasses would back life easier for lots of people, for the one’s who hide every game.

Sudden Deathmatch: Yes, a deathmatch. Like Survival Games. I’ve already encountered users who hide the whole game, who aren’t near AFK. And once the game finishes, they load in to the win island and move like nothing’s happened. To me this is an issue , since they are stalling the game. And doing nothing else.

Note: These are just my ideas, if anyone else want’s to add something, go right on ahead and happy slaying.

Compasses are being added really soon :upside_down_face:


make a huge map update with 4 maps for trios/squads and 2 maps each for duos and solos!!!

Lol I just saw this post after making one about compasses I 100%agree

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I don´t think we need Sudden Deathmatch when there will be compasses

What if someones under the map?

IMO that should be bannable like TW, but that’s not up to me to decide.

Most of the time the admins aren’t even on so nothing will happen and you will lose the game.

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Agreed with this very much.

Minimum Height Limit fixes that.

add a map content update 1 solo 1 duo and 2 trio squads