Skilled Matchmaking

Hello there. I play treasure wars on a somewhat daily schedule, (I’m level 38 with hive+) and i would suggest we add skilled matchmaking. I love TW, i really do, its just since me and my friends (Levels 20- 54) we have a set strategy and play style, like i jump bridge rush and etc. But we always get matched with low levels or max levels. It either gets to easy or to frustrating. I would suggest in a solo game you would get matched with people either 1-5 levels behind or ahead your level so it would be somewhat more fair instead of a max level player ruining a new Lvl 1 player’s experience with the hive. With duos, trios or squads, make it so that you get people with almost the same sum of a level as the other teams. ex. 5+25+40+1= 71, and the enemy teams would have a sum also around that number. If this was implemented in the game it would be a lot more fair and new players won’t be driven away from TW, and veterans and experienced players will have a fair challenge.

Although this is a duplicate suggestion, you suggested different methods for this to be added. I find this similar to the war weight feature on clash of clans, take all the people in the roster, add their war weight and put them against clans with similar war weight.


Your level does not determine your skill.

Also people near level 1 would have to deal with hackers more often since they are usually on newly made accounts


Although i agree some high level players are not good at all because i’ve destroyed multiple level 50 players


Yes i do agree with this, how often have you destroyed a lvl 50-75?

Pretty often. I usually play with my friends who don’t do anything so i basically do all the work

I’m level 75 but I’m not a great player, I don’t think level shows ability, it just shows time and commitment, sure to get to that level you must’ve picked some things up, but most of my time to max the game was trios, so I was carried.


Alt accounts? You would a low level but you could destroy the other low levels with an alt. Also I know some people that don’t play treasure wars or the hive and they still whup my butt. Level doesn’t mean skill


You are completely right

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Like others have said level doesn’t equal skill. You could be a low level and still be very good at pvp or you could be a high level and not be so great.

You are right. But all the time and commitment spent must mean you have some skill. I’m not saying all lvl 75 players are good, it is just most that I see are.

Sorry to ask but i don’t fully understand. How would hackers be more common on newly made accounts?

Because hackers usually have alts that they use if they get banned, which are low level



Then they should put stats and win percentages into account. If someone is level 60 and wins a high percentage of games playing, then maybe they shoudl be playing with people with a similar win percentage. Maybe the more games you win the harder it gets to win more. Maybe this can be an LTM add ranked base matchmaking. I have an idea that maybe they should add ranks like in rocketleage.

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As long as this isn’t the only way to get into games I’m on board. Every game needs social game modes so it doesn’t alienate the player base. K:D should be the the ranks.

no pls that would just be an annoyance

I don’t think skill-based matchmaking would help Hive in any way, and I will tell you why…

First off, how would you measure someone’s skill? Levels aren’t the way to go since they only measure how much playtime you have. They do not in any way measure skill. Measuring a player’s KDR wouldn’t work eother since some people are really good at PvP, but hop into the void to respawn at their base as a strategy so they can protect their treasure. Even if Hive did implement a proper skill-measuring system, I still wouldn’t like skill-based matchmaking.

That reason is because it would just be rewarding bad players and punishing good players. Tell me, how is a bad player supposed to improve when they only play against other bad players? They won’t learn any new strats that good players use or get better at the game. Ontop of that, no one wants to be forced to sweat every single game. Some good players just want to be able to relax and have fun. And if a bad player loses to a good player, they can learn from their mistakes, observe what the good player did, and improve. That is why I don’t think skill-based matchmaking is the answer. It would just add more problems ontop of the current problems we already have. Bad players will continue to be bad players, and good players will be forced to sweat every game.


I don’t think the point is to only have skill based matchmaking

good point. there could be ways. like an optional stat tracker that tracks ALL stats you have. (Like KDR, win percentage, treasure destroy and how far you travel around the map maybe) It could be optional to do it/turn on the stat tracker. I know it may sound like a dumb idea, and you bring up several good points, but I think it could be implented in the game if it was edited a bit.

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