Separate Leaderboards for Mobile, Console & PC Devices


The idea is to provide unique monthly leaderboards for the 3 input types to allow each platform a fair chance to gain the upcoming “monthly leaderboard rewards”.

More information:

Usually, the leaderboards are dominated by PC players and therefore it’s less likely for a Console or Mobile user to want to aim for high spots on them (although, I am aware it is not impossible). I think on top of the already overall monthly leaderboard, you could add separate monthly leaderboards for the three platform types. I think this change would be beneficial due to the following reasons:

  • It would encourage console/mobile players to aim for leaderboard spots.
  • It would allow for the upcoming “monthly leaderboard rewards” to be obtained by console/mobile players without the need to compete with PC players.
  • It would allow players to see the top players for their respective platforms.

You could also accompany this change with the following additional command (or just update the menus already):

/leaderboard (platform: pc, console, mobile)

leaderboards dont get that much easier if ur mobile vs pc tho, and as a mobile player I can assure you that this is completely unnecessary. leaderboards show the amount of time you’ve put in, not the skill. Skill determines stats and grinding efficiency but nothing else. Just be better lol.

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My skill is irrelevant to this discussion, I’ve been on the leaderboard multiple times before. This is simply a suggestion to make it easier on players who may not be as confident as yourself.

yes and what I’m saying is that not only is your skill entirely irrelevant (I feel like I’ve seen you before and you were pretty good iirc), all skill is almost entirely irrelevant to leaderboards. My first month playing on the hive i was on the leaderboards. Its not a measure of skill, its just a measure of time and commitment. The only time skill is an issue is in pvp games, but those all have pbmm anyways (other than sg, bc sg is dead F) so the difference of skill is already taken into account in other ways.

I do, however, like the idea of being able to see the top players of respective platforms, but I have requested that before at Show Devices on the leaderboards and gotten a “privacy concerns” response.


I see your point but I also wouldn’t completely dismiss skill in leaderboard grinding. If you think about it, if you’re more skilled you’re much more likely to complete games faster and therefore more efficiently grind the leaderboard. You also have to remember that Platform-based Matchmaking only activates with 300 players playing that particular gamemode (I’ve already suggested this value be changed here in which you also responded to).

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