Replace the "Your Unlocks" NPC with a "Hub Selector" NPC

I suggest that the Your Unlocks NPC should be replaced with a Hub Selector NPC.
Having a Hub Selector in the place of the Unlocks NPC would be way more useful.

So from this:

To something like this:

We can already easily access our Unlocks using the item in our inventory, so having the Your Unlocks NPC just seems redundant.

Changing hubs is already possible by running the command /hub < any number > but this command only places you in a random hub.
You can check what hub you are in by running the command /connection

Also, The Hive on Java already has the ability to change hubs in a menu.

I think allowing us to pick our hub in an easy way, like the NPC, would be super helpful to everyone on the Hive, especially when watching a Hive content creator or trying to have large in-game gatherings.

I really like this idea! If they don’t add the NPC, at least something in out hotbar? Voted


yes please every server does that


I just want be able to queue into gifters hubs lol


I like this idea.