QoL feature for Friends

So right now, when a friend logs on, you get this neat little message:

Naturally, as soon as @Orbixx sees that I am online, he logs off, which looks something like this:

this is the same for helpers/mods: 20200904_143141


and, of course, the Hive team (unfortunately i don’t have any images because none of them are my friends ;-; Holly? Splodg3r? Fowben? anyone?))

anyways, as you can see, when a friend logs on, the name colour shows their rank colour. however, when they log off, the name is just grey. this isn’t a problem for regulars (as their name is grey anyway) but it would still be nice if it showed the right colour for everyone else. Therefore, i propose that the colour of the name for logging off is the right colour based on their rank, as opposed to just plain grey.

obligatory i searched but didn’t find anything so sorry if this is a dupe

I Never Noticed that before but ya your right that should be changed!

I submitted this as a bug report but they said it was intended and I just never made a suggestion so I’m glad someone did lol


This will be included in the next maintenance.