Potions for tw pls

so uh, I have an idea. what if we added potions?

like, for example, lets say I’m sneaking in to an enemy base to place a block breaker, right? but obviously, they would notice my skin and kill me in 2 seconds. not with a potion of invisibility!

other potions you should add are: jump boost, speed, strength, and also any potion you think fits in the game.

however, there should also be traps for people using potions, to keep the game balanced. (like a trap that makes someone’s time on invisibility go faster) or even splash potions (like a splash potion of slowness).

do you guys think this is a good idea? :confused:

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if you need to use a block breaker, chances are their treasure defense is so large that they won’t even see you behind it.

bedrock edition players used to be so blind that they wouldn’t notice you if you only went above them lol

tbh, the mobile queues might still be like this, where you can just go over them and won’t be noticed. Anyways, for new players, theres not a chance that they would find the invis person, and it just won’t be fun for them.

Also get prepared to be minimodded on by others.


Those are good points it would really only be useful in pc and maybe controller servers and people have already suggested this
The only way I could see this get added is through spells

  1. i use a block breaker when i think i might have trouble mining the blocks 2. i see your point

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Yeah. Potions like invisibility would be quite annoying and very hard to suspect. Sure there could be potion particles or player running particles, but someone who is basically blind sighted when playing and doesn’t notice it can just make them confused and they can do nothing about it.

This will also happen if there is a day and night cycle or the map is always on night. You can barely see any particles.


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I appreciate the time taken to suggest this but unfortunately this is a duplicate suggestion. Please use the search feature to search for the idea before posting it to avoid creating any duplicate posts.

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