Add tnt potions and enchantments to treasure wars

You should Add tnt potions and enchantments to treasure wars.

I think this would make the game so much more fun being able to blow the defense up with tnt and having enchantments to become overpowered. I think it would be so fun.

TNT and potions would be nice if done properly, I don’t exactly think enchanting belongs in a bedwars style game

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I don’t believe these things will make the game more fun. It would ruin the game a bit for me. I don’t want a guy with a diamond sword and strength 2 destroying me when I have diamond armor on.


It would be fun until they get used against you. Tnt’s not coming as they don’t want obby, and enchantments/pots would make ems even more important(which is bad). I guess some minor pots would be fine if they costed diamonds.

i feel like everyone want the devs to copy Hypixel well oof


i don’t even agree with my own opinion now. i see why this ruins the game lmao

You see tools exist and they’re good enough.

If you say trios and squads first of all who queues those solo, second get a teammate. There’s a brain somewhere in their heads find it