Add Cosmetics like TNT, Enchants, and Potions

Add potions and TNT to treasure wars
[Let us get potions and TNT also sharpness, protection, etc to add to your armor and tools, like hypixel because it makes the games more fun if we can have these addons]

[it would make the game more fun]

Sorry if this sounds rude but:

  1. TNT was already suggested and most part of the community doesn’t want it to be added at all.

  2. Hive is not Hypixel.

  3. The Hive likes their minigames to be considered “original”. Adding potions and enchantments would make Treasure Wars a copy of Hypixel BedWars.

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Adding an item that exists on hypixel is not “COpYinG OfF oF HyPiXeL” I hate that mind set. With that mind set, I guess the Hive should delete, treasure wars, murder mystery, build battle, and survival games because Hypixel did it all first. I’m not saying they should add all the items from hypixel bedwars, but some would fit well on treasure wars.


but he said here

in this topic

Cosmetics is the wrong word