New Rank Hive++


Having only one rank on the server is not a lot compared to other servers. I think adding one more rank would make the chat more interesting. It would also be a useful way to add more perks like bigger party size(Not XP lol). This rank would be special though. A ton of people have Hive + now, and I don’t think anyone wants another common rank to be added. There should be a number of non LTM games you have to be maxed in to make it more rare. You would need Hive + first to get it, and It would be the same price as Hive + because of it’s challenge(Ez money from me ;)). It could be orange, because as far as I know, orange isn’t used as a rank color, and It would probably have to be called Hive ++, as it is a sequel to it Hive +. So yeah, just a rank to differentiate pros and grinders.

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Hey I like your idea, I wanted to let you know this has been suggested already you can check out a couple of those suggestions.
Hive Plus + Rank
New Rank System
Adding new rank or more rank for FREEEE REEEEEEEEEE

As of right now there is no new plans to add another rank. An orange rank does actually exist, it’s exclusively for VIPs. @Fowben the costume designer, is the only person I know of with this rank.


Thanks, @ImPizzas , but is a little different than those in the sense that you can’t just have money to buy it. The 3rd option you showed me had something similar, but It wouldn’t be possible, as everytime a new game came out, you’d either have it taken away which would lame, or you would keep it, which would mean you got it easier than everyone else


I think you’d have to be maxed in 5 games(The amount active -1) There has to be a color, like aqua?