Adding new rank or more rank for FREEEE REEEEEEEEEE

Yeah adding more rank is good idea Sometimes others really whant a rank But how about add more rank like
The Max rank
(Max rank is that you complete all games and max them)
Bumble bee
(Just a rank to make everyone happy UwU)
Hibe rank boost just a little
Staeter rank
Mini hive rank plus
(This rank is Free it well give you a little xp boost)
If you whant more info chat me on discord


really this should be just titles for the hub, besides you don’t always need a rank for free just one rank send on the hive’s twitter as a free rank called “Follower” and a title for the hub saying “Social Checker”, also max is kinda pointless because you get nothing out of it then being the person to put a heck of a lot of effort to try getting maxed out.


what’s the point of having free ranks? for the max rank you wouldn’t need an xp boost because youre already max
also, the hive is a business. they need to make money lmao


Here’s the thing, the hive is a business and running the servers cost money, so making players be able to buy ranks and receive perks is a good way of funding that cost. A level based one such as the maxed in everything would be ok, but a hub title for that would be a better idea imo. Also new games being added could make that quite a bit more challenging to do.

Hive++(aka a more premium rank) is something that would work, but due to the economics of bedrock probably lack people buying it, and if not done right would make the server feel very pay-to-win.

Tl;dr free ranks wouldn’t be an amazing idea and most of these would be better off as hub titles or something. Also adding too many ranks would make it feel confusing, so hub titles would be better


What Minecraft featured servers want is:
:dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:
so I don’t think Hive would like to add this.


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