Hive Plus + Rank

We should get a [++] rank that gets even MORE perks and costs more Minecoins. Thankyou

no, the person under me explained why in great detail


I’m not against this, as I would buy it since I am a sucker. However I think people would start getting mad at hive for being money-hungry or whatever since Hive+ costed alot for some people and to my knowledge you can’t “unlock” purchases to upgrade your rank so people would have to put 20$ to get the new rank. Also people would get mad at the people with the rank, so let’s say I’m goofing around at hub with leaderboarders and some dude just goes “ah that spoiled idiot with hive++”. So I’d keep both if those in mind if they were to add a new rank. A guild rank or guild purchases are ok with me


Hmm, good points, but to be honest most people play the Hive to play Minigames, and don’t care about ranks or anything, and plus, I don’t think people will think the Hive is money hungry because take a look at Cubecraft. They currently have 5 VIP levels and they have the most players.

The Hive reached 20k players while cube craft didn’t, also, hive has the most players usually, it gets very rare when cube craft or lifeboats get more players than hive.


Well lately Cubecraft has been beating the Hive with no good reason. I’m still quite confused

Hive doesn’t have the cunning edge over other servers like it used to. Lifeboat and Cubecraft are pushing updates out like nobody’s business and improving their servers (Lifeboat in particular has improved ALOT, its getting really close to the hive in functionality). While hive is disadvantaged by there very small staff and not doing a whole lot to add games and server functions rn. I still think a Hive++ rank is a bad way to counter this


Honesty think this is a good idea but it really depends on how much it costs and what stuff you get with it

They’ve already said multiple times they have no plans to add more paid ranks


Yea but you never know, in potatopie25s newest video he says that they will likely add one in the future

but potatopie25 isn’t on the development team, all he can do is guess and use hints. And youtubers aren’t always correct so always take it with a grain of salt, anyways like @Chikin_Burgr have said and other staff members say they aren’t planning to make new paid ranks


I understand that Potatopie25 isn’t the mod team but all I’m saying is if most of the community wants a new rank we might see one in the future but you do make good points

I mean, the hive gets the final say on what’s added or not, if they don’t see the need for a new rank, they won’t add it, even if people want it.