New game idea


Can you guys add sumo deul’s bridges sumo or a ltm of like tag please read

sumo is in cs’s
and tag too
Sumo is. Coming in swarms too

also this is a duplicate:

Add a sumo game
Duels and Duels Types
An bridge suggestion that isn’t just the same bridge as Hypixel


this isnt a duplicate lol i loved hyperlands and i love sumo and bridges and since im on xbox and the new update i cant play niether (Cubecraft has bridge but i dont like how its teams) so i think it would have been cool if its in hive and plus i thought tag would be orignal and fun to play btw where is sumo in cs and if you make it in treasure wars in cs you can only do it two times a day if you dont have hive+ yk

didn’t I just give u every original topic related to ur post

No matter how much you explain, a dupe is a dupe.
vote on the original suggestion for it to actually get added.


It is. It’s when your idea is already suggested before not if other servers have it. Use the :mag: icon next time to see if your suggestion is a dupe!

Duplicate post: Duels and Duels Types