Duels and Duels Types

So when duels come out soon with swarms I have a suggestion for the duel types.

  1. Treasure Wars Duels - Spawn In with 32 gold, 16 diamonds, and 8 emeralds. There will be two gold generators (one for each team), four diamond generators, and two emerald generators. It will all be in a 1 v 1 styled map and treasure destruction will be in 5 minutes and the game can last at most 10 minutes.

  2. Survival Games Duels - The players will start with a diamond helmet, diamond boots, chainmail chestplate, chainmail leggings, iron sword, a bow, eight arrows, three snowballs, and a golden apple. This will all be in a map that is around the size of Hypixel Duels and is a part of an SG map.

  3. Skywars Duels - It will just be normal Skywars but in a 1 v 1 styled map.

  4. Bow Duels - Players will get full iron armor and will get an infinity bow, and the last one standing wins. The map will be like the Survival Games Duels one.

  5. Spleef Duels - It will be a two-layered spleef arena where players get snowballs from every block broken, and can either hit people or spleef people with it.

So what do you guys think of my suggestions? It definitely needs work.


Oooh I like this idea! Im actually not sure if it’s already planned to have pre-planned duels for the time being, so I’ll wait for some other forumers, but this is a great idea! Welcome to the forums <3

Make sure to vote urself :))

I’m pretty sure all of these are coming within the swarms update, which is coming Soon.

Yeah, I am new to the forums but I made this account like a year ago. This is my old ign and idk how to change it on the forums

Ohhhh. What you need to do for right now is to change your primary email to the one linked to your xbox account for right now. This will make your forum username ur IGN.

That’s great! I’m happy to hear that!

my primary email for my xbox account is from outlook, will that work?

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I would have also suggested UHC duels but it did not seem realistic because UHC isn’t a hive game or been confirmed.

As long as your primary email that you use for Xbox is the same as the primary email you use for the forums, that will be fine @anon30237601 :+1:

nope duels wont be coming
the hive has a way of games, a fashion of some sort.
and duels dont fit with it.
and the update will have an arcade (thats what i heard and saw from official places)

so mini games will be added: like tnt run and things like that.
i feel like the hive has a balance between games.
so games wont be for one skill as it brings luck into the mix.
and duels dont match that

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A 4v4 tw mode would be cool too.

alright! thanks! : )

I’m sure they’ll come in Swarms


go to the swarms forum post and it confirms that duels will be coming.

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I can confirm Duels are coming in some sort of way or another.

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i got a red face(embarrassment)
but was i wrong about the rest

You did
And if you gonna scream at me

You literaly said this minutes ago

You actually just called yourself an idiot

Hey guys, lets be nice and keep this on topic.

When I heard duels were coming with swarms I thought they meant armor with swords, a few gapples, and I few pearls in a small little arena. But I’m definitely into this idea.

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