Murder Mystery Game Update Idea

Hello there!
Now, before i start the suggestion I want to say that there are no duplicate posts of this suggestion.

Murder mystery is a popular game mode on The Hive, and it hasn’t gotten a major update since over a year ago now. So, I suggest that there should be a major Murder Mystery update.

What should be included in the update?


Exactly like the Treasure Wars update, this would include Prestiging.
Like TW, Prestiging would give you 500QP, a hub title and an avatar but, after successfully Prestiging 5 times you would get the new hub NPC for Murder Mystery

This could be called “Sherlock Sloth” since “Detective Sloth” already exists

Murder Mystery Bundle

Like the Skywars bundle this would include:

  • 3 Zapper trails
  • 3 Gravestones
  • 3 Throwables
  • 1 Ghost Tint
  • A hub-title
Quality of Life Changes

Some quality-of-life changes could be:

  • Eliminating Players if they reach out of bound areas
  • Zappers could look like actual zappers instead of bows (Could look like the ones found in Sonic’s Ring-Royale)

This is my way on an update if Murder Mystery was ever to be updated.
Post your improvements in the comments.

Fun fact: the graveyard map of MM when you die is Heavily inspired from the Ghost Invasion Map: “Graveyard”


I like it but about adding prestiging to MM, MM doesn’t need prestiges bc it already takes forever to get to lvl 100 (bc there is no win xp) in MM and also:

so the MM bundle is already been planned
and third,:

Prestiging has been already suggested
Btw welcome to the hive forums :beedance:

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No, it hasn’t. They are suggesting to increase the level cap :point_down:

Prestiging and increasing the level cap are entirely different things.


Uhhh what :thinking:

Prestiging for Murder Mystery would definitely be great. The “level cap” of 100 for Murder Mystery has been the same since early 2019 and I would like to grind the game again, without having to create an alt.

As said a Murder Mystery bundle is already planned so let’s hope we get it soonTM :blue_heart: :see_no_evil:

I absolutely love the idea of new Zappers and ngl they could even get an own unlock category for MM :bow_and_arrow:


yes there is if u survive

This should be implemented into Hide & Seek as well if possible.

The Hive probably has Prestiging and a Murder Mystery Bundle planned already, but I like the quality of life changes you have proposed. So upvoted. :+1:


epic idea, i voted :slight_smile:

I dont think you should be able to prestige

Like BeeMax said


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Yes please It’s my Favourite Hive Game
I really like the Prestiging :pleading_face: :heart:

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murder mystery hasn’t got a major update in a lonnngggg time so
I think it would be awesome to see prestiging along with new maps and features, I also think it would be cool to see new roles
For example: detective role, the detective can view gravestones and see how long ago that person was killed, the detective can then send a location to the sheriff (this can only be done a few times during game)


Max level players after prestiging and having to do mm max again, 5 more times:

Prestige is very much an ‘extra’, on top of level 100 and you can decide yourself if you want to prestige after reaching this milestone or not. :blobheart:


Bump. Murder mystery has been collecting dust since almost two years. (Last major update in November 2020 I think)

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Yeah. We need to at least get a good amount of new maps added, maybe 4 or 5 new ones and perhaps more seasonal variations of existing maps, just like how Office has Office Party for christmas

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