More ways to get xp

Like what if you get xp for multi-kills like in dr, just getting 1xp per kill and 10xp per win, is to low, we need more ways to be able to get xp in ground wars

Welcome to the community. Yes we probably should have a few more ways to get xp in games like ground wars, jut build etc. but idk if hive will implement it.

got my vote! have a nice day!


Here is killstreak xp multiplier

Here is a few more ways to earn xp

Also, they have stated they will eventually try to make leveling up a little bit easier as stated here, [quote=“JollyajaX, post:7, topic:70802, full:true”]
I agree that Ground Wars leveling is overly slow. We’ll aim to fix this in a future patch.

Like said above, welcome to the forums! Be sure to use the search feature :mag_right: to look for posts, if you can’t find any that are similar or the same then make your own post.


i can kinda agrre seeing as i want to max ground but only lvl 7 and played over 300 games bu theres a little thing called hive VIP and xp boosts

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According to Hive, the ways to get xp are these;

We really need more ways to get xp. I reccomend to get xp by getting armour and the impostor powerup (around 2 xp).

Sorry to revive an old topic, but GW has some xp problems (its the hardest game to max it, after JB, and has only 2 ways to obtain xp).