"Meh" Voters report

In JustBuild, there is a blaze powder in your hotbar that can be used to report builds. My idea is to make a section called “Report “Meh” spammer” where you can well… report people that only vote meh.

Another thing to point out, is you can only report “Meh spammers” after the first four rounds.

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how do you know ppl are meh spammers?


What if people just build bad builds 4 times that happen to me once

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@skepetrock @gaminthunder

I am awnsering both of your questions.

It isn’t to hard to find meh voters. If they hold the red concrete block on all the builds, they are a meh voter.

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So if every build sucks I can’t vote meh? Nah bad idea


Well if every build sucked, you should vote the better ones “ok” so it isn’t a tie

How do you keep looking at what a player is holding all the time?

How do you know if the build is good or not, and if it’s an empty slot then why should we rate it ok?

There is currently no practical solution to making a perfect balance btwn a set number of points and people getting vote what they wsnt


When voting, you get 20 seconds to vote for each build which is way to much and you get a lot of extra time.

Really, its just so obvious if they are a “Meh” voter

You probably don’t understand because you haven’t played Justbuild in awhile (and I don’t blame you)

I mean some people vote and then switch to a free hand so you wouldn’t know.
I dont really think is the best idea
Good thought but meh


True, but lots of them don’t

Yeah but it wouldn’t be fair
To report them because they voted their thoughts

Maybe their vote ain’t fair but
It doesn’t seem reasonable to report them Bc of it.
Ik they may spam meh on everything but there are lots of ppl who do that every game
And if they get removed from being reported they won’t be able to have a chance that round or get xp from the end yk?
It would be hard for people to report each individual person who voted meh each round

Sorry if that’s confusing lol

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That is why this is necessary

Its not like you have to keep track, its just if its very obvious, you can report them easily

In the end, do they really deserve the xp?

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Well they still built things that could be good.

You do have to keep track of which person is voting meh Bc
You have to get up to them and rember their user as you scroll through the list or have to type it in.

And you can’t control how they vote
Yeah they may be voting meh but every does at some point

It just doesn’t seem necessary
It’s better just to report inappropriate build than this

This is very true, but it puts their builds at an unfair advantage

Well really if you complaining about that your just lazy in my eyes

So there are 2 big problems with Justbuild

  1. inappropriate builds not getting punished

  2. Meh voter spammers

This would help solve the meh voter spammers problem

I literally saw an inappropriate build being removed as it was up, so there’s that. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s something.

I used to play Justbuild and I remember 80% of the time, they get away with it

Thank you for sharing your opinion :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please next time explain why you think this way so your post has meaning :+1:

2021-05-22 (1)

You know, the game keeps a track of what option did you vote, so it could just automatically count how many meh-s did a person vote, and if they spammed it would automatically punish them right after the game, for example, a person who spammed mehs for all the builds in one game would get a 5 minute ban from playing jb, I think people reporting others for spamming mehs is just impossible

sorry if what I wrote made no sense, its so late for me and I’ve already should’ve gone to sleep

I have made a post like this here

in all fairness, you cant really talk there, iirc you have made quite a few useless posts yourself, while atleast they were sharing a valid opinion

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