Lower the void ___

I think many of us are tired dying because of enderpearls in skywars
It is totally near impossible to pearl clutch because the void is to close, and there is not much time for the pearl to land

(Pls don’t attack me if I forgot something or there is a post like this one)

insert attack here
This suggestion already exists: Making the Void Deeper(or making pearls slightly faster)
Please search before making a new topic next time to prevent making duplicates, try different names.


So how many votes does it take to ADD it.

Good question.

There isn’t a set amount, I think it’s “time” until it is added.
They are probably busy with swarms right now

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In the suggestion rules, Splodger states that even if a suggestion has a imensive amount of votes (Remove the respiration helmet and replace it with a useful enchant is the most voted suggestion in general btw), they cannot guarantee it will be added.

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@Hlzyzptlk please lock this dupe


But dont we have protection 1 helmets
I don’t think it was there before the update

yes i agree pls make void deeper

This isn’t even the original suggestion, and you are adding nothing to the suggestion at all. Please refrain from making unnecessary posts like these and just simply vote on the suggestion instead.

The non-duplicated/original one is this.

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I am the one that voted and another guy
I voted on the original post too

I wasn’t talking to you, or did I misunderstand?

Misunderstand what
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This ^

I thought you thought I was saying that to you, was replying to CyanPizza

I think u meant cyan
He wants to be the last to reply