Keep OCE region please!

I think the OCE region on the Hive should be kept

So far, I’ve seen OCE average more players than EU, NA and Asia in the prime state (meaning the afternoon/day/evening for OCE) It also helps with my ping and I seem to be enjoying it quite a lot. I think most aus players would feel better with less ping and more comfortable with their own region

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dont wanna remove a region just add another region today there was 3k au players u know how hard it is to never get low ping for so long then they release your region for only a couple days its sad and makes us not wanna play at all. :((

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wait… there’s an OCE region now?

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It is because Asian players are also playing on the Australian region.

Read the first 4-5 sentences of what Woozie said, it just doesn’t give any profit to The Hive, in fact it results in money loss.

EU and NA players are a sleep atm so numbers will be a lil low (otherwise NA tops around 20 to 25k and EU 15k to 20k) and Asia had 8k players whereas AU had 1600 but we aren’t completely ruling out the possibility of having that region just that the cost of maintaining it is more.
Who knows in future we might see more regions

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Because of time zones. If it’s 2:30 pm in oce it’s like 4:30 or 5 am in America, and most people are a sleep then so… doesn’t really prove your point.

Happy for oce people getting a temporary server though

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It’s around 12pm in most EU countries, do most people should be awake.

The region peaked at 1.75K. For comparison, Asia peaks at 11K, Europe at 10K and North America at 20K. It is simply not viable both financially and in terms of active games to keep this region permanently available.