Oceania Servers

Keep/Add Oceania servers and remove Europe servers

Ok, so, I am an Australian player and the closest server that I have is the Asia server. With this i get terrible ping (250-300). Today (24/10/21), Hive has the Oceania servers temporarily because Asia servers are down. These Oceania servers give me 10-50 ping. I checked and Oceania also has 1000-2000 players on at once. This is 300-1300 more players than Europe servers. This brings me to my point that since the Oceania server consistently gets more players, Hive should remove the Europe servers and keep/add Oceania servers

PS: Hive can keep both servers but the only reason I said to remove one is the cost reasons. I know it is very expensive to run servers and removing one may help reduce costs.

Thanks for reading!

Oceania has more players because it’s new, and Asia region players are playing it.

They didn’t add it permanently for a reason.
It’ll just end up having 400 peak players at times.

And remove Europe region? no.

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To keep a server running there is a need for a lot of resources since the region doesn’t really get that many players it won’t be economically feasible for The Hive to keep the region as of now.
I’d like to quote splodger here on this matter as he has clarified it as well:

EU gets around 10K to 15k players during the day and it’s one of the most active regions on the server besides NA there so removing EU servers is not an option sadly.

If you have any further questions or want to discuss about it please DM me.