Just Build Theme VOTE

I think that it would be beneficial if the players voted on a theme. Maybe add tons of different themes or have some of us on the forums pick them!


I would like to add some themes to Just Build!





I 100% agree! It definitely needs more themes. I like that they are vague in a sense like “furniture” and “Garden”. It makes for a wide variety of builds. But you start to get the same ones and it starts to be the same builds.


I think it would be awesome if they let a bunch of us here on the forums choose like 10 themes that would be added!


We’re looking into adding lots more themes and adding in a feature that would allow you to vote on a theme before the game starts :+1:

If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them here :slight_smile:


Hey Splodger! I have a post with a lot of ideas here!


I Think You Add The Time Vote

bump because hive forgor :skull:
im expecting ajax to come in and say this is planned and close the suggestion

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I feel like voting categories (e.g. Animals, Minecraft, Food, etc.) would be a bit more unique and exciting than just voting for one specifc theme out of 200+(?). 20 categories to vote of sounds much for fun in my opinion. :smile:


Ah yes me to,jolly might be going inactive again for another year and coming back

I agree your comment because I want to have theme voting not theme choosing

This is a great idea, you don’t have to build a theme that you don’t know how to buld

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good idea but people might reuse builds

There are multiple topics in a theme. If people reuse builds just vote them lower. I do this with any spruce house, they are very common.

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Finally added!

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It only took over 2 years! :smiley:
ok ok someone can close the topic now

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Hive can you make this accepted now i Don’t want this to be like quests V2 no offense