Iron Generators [Idea]

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I’ve played Hyperlands, CubeCraft, and Hive for some time and realized the differences between them: there are iron generators in bed wars and egg wars and there are also leather armor and wooden tier tools and sometimes the game finishers in just 5 mins which are very short since player rush the game and this idea will slow down the game so therefore I’ve come out with this idea(I hope this is not a 2 thread suggestion).

Adding iron generators

More Info:
The iron generator will be 1-second faster than the gold generators and there will be 1 iron generator beside each of the gold generators
and 32 wool will cost 7 iron, a set of leather armor will cost 32 iron, and each wooden tier tool will cost 5 iron and 16 arrows will cost 32 iron and the iron generators cannot be upgraded since they generate iron fast.

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If it’s not worth it, don’t do it


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This is also a duplicate of Iron ingots new money.

If it’s faster then gold but things like wool only cost 2 more iron then gold then iron is just the same as gold lol

yeet ur wrong its 10 gold

What’s 10 gold?

u…don’t understand?
i meant the iron gen is 1 sec faster than gold gen

I know so getting 5 gold and 7 iron are basically the same waiting period also 32 iron for 16 arrows would be better then getting 32 gold for 16 arrows making iron better then gold sense the iron would generate in less time then the gold.

I feel like iron gens wouldn’t add much to twars, and just make hive another have another generic bedwars


No This is not Duplicate of that

Mine Is if you Destroy a Treasure you get Iron

This is a Generator

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yeah but they both use iron

My Idea was not added so I don’t get your point

If it was Gold or Something yes I’ll see that.

Sorry but this would make the hive to similar to those servers and get hate for it.

You mean Gaxaite they added this after I made this post

No he doesn’t mean that, I think he means the idea of having 2 currencies you can get from your island but I personally wouldn’t see this as an issue.

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