Iron ingots new money

Ok hear me out you can only get iron ingots from destroying treasures and you get 5 iron per treasure for example Diamond amour shouldn’t be emeralds because its to esay to do that so it’ll cost like 10 iron so two treasures or 15. Remove cap for golden apples and have It 5 iron witch is 1 treasure add other things to the list but keep the other emerald stuff (maybe switch diamond swords.)

Its a good idea :grin:. But that’s gonna cause alot of players just to rush everyones treasure (like I do) and I want to be the only one in the game getting treasures for the XP lol. The idea is good as well that all the bad players don’t just camp at mid all game to get dia armor and actually rush. But this would make ems alot more useless. I mean, you can still use them to buy dia sword and gaps and pearls and stuff but dia armor is key to emeralds. Honestly, I wouldn’t like this in game but good idea though!

I wouldn’t personally like a currency that relies on pvp/rushing, I’ll leave it at that


Mabye it could have a restriction such as it has to be 50 seconds into a match to avoid rushing. If anything this can end up discouraging rushers as well as it being difficult to get early diamond gear.

Dia armor is too easy to get? Only if you’re fighting noobs anyways. They could nerf the em gens in some way to make it more about control(you have to go on the island to start generation, a cap of 2-3). Also, gapples should have the cap, but cost diamonds


I agree to removing the cap on gaps

I feel like adding a currency gained by breaking treasures would force everyone to play the same, making the game too straight forward and boring.

If not everyone breaks a treasure then the people who didn’t break one wouldn’t have any access to any of the items that require iron ingots.

I as a mobile play don’t go out and break anyone’s treasure unless it’s just me and another player in solos because it’s difficult for me too win most pvp interactions. So I wouldn’t have access to the iron only items since I would only break 1-2 treasures per match.

I feel like this would be an even easier way of getting diamond armor because for good pc players getting three treasures is light work. Giving them (the pc players) diamond armor faster than a emerald gen producing the 20 emeralds. Furthermore in any mode other than solos and duos. it would make it so only 1-2 people would be able to get diamonds like in trios and squads if it costs 2 treasures (10 iron).

So this in my opinion is a bad idea and would interfere too much with how the game is played.


If it wasn’t pushing for a certain playstyle, I’d actually really like this idea. You get treasures for valuables. Perhaps treasures can have 5 iron when the game starts, but every minute a treasure isn’t broken, the “treasure hoard” gains 1 iron. for example, if you break a treasure 5 minutes in, you get 10 iron instead of the normal 5. Next, make golden apples and new items such as cobwebs and knockback sticks buyable via iron. As the amount of iron you can get per game is capped, this encourages biding your time and collecting resources for a suitable amount of time instead of encouraging quick rushes.

TLDR: make the iron you get from a treasure break increase as the game progresses


Maybe there can be two ways to get diamond amour. Iron and Emeralds. So there’s a couple of ways to play.

Then what’s the point of iron? When I can just go to mid For a less stressful way of getting diamond armor?

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There’s some players that don’t go to mid and if there’s other items and gold apples

What could those other items be that justify the existence of iron? Because golden apples suck against good players.

Also people who don’t go to mid don’t usually don’t go for other people’s treasures either.

Pvp sweats who go around the islands do


But what’s the point of iron now?

Just what? What if your the good player?

Then you wasted emeralds on golden apples XD


Just buy snowballs if you’re good or bad, they are awesome, I started using them more recently because I can never ender pearl clutch in time

Edit: this might off topic but they asked the question.


i prefer having emeralds as the hardest currency to get. sorry, but its a good idea


This would speed up games tenfold