Hive SG update

Hive SG update?

Heyo, its been awhile since SG has seen an update, precisely since February of 2021, more than a year ago. I feel like its been long enough and we should get a level update, maybe some new content and maps too?

As for content, add enchanting, just like the old days of Survival/Hunger games. Maybe even add some potions or an equivalant.

And of course add a new level max (Level 75 or 100) itd be fun to grind levels out again

Just would like to say there is already a suggestion to increase max levels in Survival Games which can be found here
Please use the search :mag: feature to ensure your suggestion has never been suggested before.

There is already a Potion Suggestion which can be found here However if you would like to suggestion something that’s a bit different from that, you can go right ahead!

Have a nice day.

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