Potions and a increase of golden apples to make fights more strategic, and a tracker idea

instant health, regen and speed potions should be added along with golden apples should be more common to make fights more strategic and fun. 1 or 2 trackers should be added in mid each game but can only be found in the middle at the start of the map so its not to over powered, because im doing laps of the map just trying to find people and its boring

Not fun for mobile players though.


even though i do think hive should aim for simplicity, sg does indeed get boring with the same, limited items. some interesting items, like potions and flint and steel, can make games more interactive and strategies will be favoured. hive mostly just add only necessary items, so really the games feels very repetitive



I agree with everything except regeneration potions. Those would be useless since we already have Golden Apples. I would also love to see some debuff potions like poison or slowness. Those would certainly make fights more interesting. Hive should look into addings this, especially with the new SG update coming soon…

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