Helpers being able to ban hackers (or new position)

I have noticed that as the hive grows in size, we keep on seeing more and more hackers, but the mod team is still the same size, the anticheat still needs to be worked on, and the only way to even report a hacker is use a discord that like maybe 1/300 people who play the hive use (bit more often than that since people who are on the discord are usually more active, but yeah). I am not trash talking the hive, I couldn’t even manage a 12,000 player server for like 2 hours, but I think some changes could help this

  1. Advertise the discord a bit more and educate players on the rules. I’d say 95% of the people who crossteam in sg and sometimes in MM completely think it is fine since they have never been told anything else, some stuff like the no teaming thing in TW significantly reduced the amount of crossteamers. So I think a book in the inventory bar with all the rules and the discord in it would help tremendously. This would narrow down the rule breakers, so then players don’t need to report as often and the admins can do other things besides answer reports all day. I discuss this in a bit more detail here Rules outlined in-game

  2. The staff team has been the same size for a while, when I first started they had 6 people with admin powers (minus the owners). Now even though I could argue the server is nearly double as popular they have a grand total of 7 admins, and I’d say the discord community is way larger too so you have about the same amount of admins that you had a while back. Now I understand hiring even 4 or 5 new admins isn’t easy, so I propose bedrock moderators. Now I don’t know what their in-game chat color would be but these people would be specifically for banning hackers (they could also just give helpers the ability to ban hackers too). Java has a huge mod team but gets quite a bit less players than bedrock. So if we get a couple more mods/admins then the workload is smaller.

“What if a mod/helper were to abuse their powers”?
Something about contacting the hive would be in book in my first point, also I don’t see any helpers doing this
“If you add more people to the discord, than the bedrock staff team has more work to do.”
I don’t have much to counter this actually, maybe some automod thing where if some player gets reported by like i.e 3 or 4 seperate guys said player would be reported to the staff or something
“Do you think the hive is doing a bad job getting staff”?
No, I understand the quality over quantity thing for the server, but when the server has grown quite a bit and the bedrock admin team is basically the same size. I see some issue with that. Hive probably has got there reasons for not doing this, I just think it is a good idea
“I don’t think anyone would read the book.”
I disagree with this, if hive were to add something to your hotbar, I think a decent majority would see it. However get the staff team to a decent size before doing the book thing since that would be bad. Also if somebody says “but I don’t know the rules” you can say, “read the book, anyone can access it”
“Wouldn’t this take time out of making games”?
Yes. However this would help perfect the rest of the games on the server and make more players play the server
“Would you offer to become mod”?
Probably not and would also probably get mad and false ban some people. However I think there are plenty of qualified people for this.
“Is this fourm post over”?
Yes, thank you for reading this


For Point 1. As I am a Hive Java and Bedrock Player. The Java Server has a Rules book which shows at least 4-5 points of the Hive rules when you join a games lobby. Personally, I would really like to see this also in every game lobby of the Hive Bedrock Server. This would be very helpful for educating players who are not familiar with the rules on the server yet. (Only visible rule so far on Hive Bedrock is just seeing a No Teaming Message in TW/SG).

As with the Staff Teams, yes Java has a lot more staff members as the Java Server has been around for a longer time frame than the Bedrock Server. I do agree that there is not many Bedrock Admins for a big Featured Server and they are doing their best in dealing with rule breakers.


I’m in favor for the Hive to have a moderator role. The Hive server is riddle with many hackers and with a lot of reports coming in and most of the admin are offline, the reports can stack up a lot making more work for admins. With several active moderators (let’s say 15) they could actively look into the reports much faster. Also, not so much for the discord sever but very rarely will someone come to disturb the peace of others and admin are not there to handle it. With active moderators they could nullify the problem keeping the server nice and clean.


I agree with those ideas, but I made a topic about Rules in waiting lobby :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I totally agree with this post, but there are a lot of… 'issue’s contributing to this from happening. The Hive Admins hold a massive responsibility to being admins, of course Bedrock and Java are completely different when it comes to staffing. Admins have to be 100% responsible with their actions because your technically ‘working’ for Microsoft. Although I would like see the helpers have a kick command or mute. Or saying 3 kicks for the reason ‘Modified/Hacked Client’ will result in a ban for specific amount of time.


I totally agree with @Demon_Wolf_Fang, his/her idea would ban more hackers.

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Yeah, I never really played hive Java, I mostly played mcpe than moved to java for a few months and then quit Minecraft for almost 2 years after 1.9 . I eventually started playing again, went to hypixel, than went to hive. Thanks for the feedback!

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Some of the other servers have larger staff teams besides having less players. However this could be a alternative way that I would be in for

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I think we had the same general idea, but we both gave different insight, however if you want me to credit your post instead I’ll happily do that


Prefacing this by noting I am a current senior mod at Lifeboat, so that’s the experience I’m speaking from.

I do agree that the team size is definitely small in comparison to playerbase. Lifeboat has similar if slightly lower playercounts, but has roughly 70-80 moderators (all with kick/ban/mute capabilities). From what I can see, there can’t be more than 20 or so helpers at Hive so the entire team total probably caps out at 30.

However, the quality of the Hive team is quite high in my opinion, and bringing in more and more people onto the moderation team could bring that down. An issue I’ve had in my time as a senior mod/trainee mentor at Lifeboat is the amount of new trainees we bring in and how little time they get instruction. Hive’s moderation program is quite new so it’ll likely take time to build up a large team, whereas Lifeboat has been running a moderation program for over 2 years.

That said, I still think a middle role such as moderator would make sense - right now there’s nothing between helper (non-moderation assisting role) and admin. However, we’re all just players and don’t really have any insight on what the Hive team does internally (they’re pretty secretive about that), so at the end of the day it might be best to leave the decision up to them.


Don’t triple post, use the ‘edit’ button. Plus if other servers have larger staff teams and less players. those other servers are crap with dealing with people then.

Please don’t talk trash about every server like that.


Not sure what you mean by that statement. How does a low playercount and large staff team correlate with being bad at dealing with people? A low playercount can depend on a lot of variables.


Sorry its just that my opinion is every other server I’ve seen has crap staff or they just deal with the rules badly. I mean cubecraft does nothing to hackers or anything.

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Nice! I’m older than you but you seem more mature than me lol, hope they actually do this if they have the time and resources.

I really liked this post. It was structured incredibly well and made a very good argument. I hope your suggestion becomes a reality.


Hiya :smile:

I appreciate the feedback regarding the staff, and I apologize for not seeing this sooner! Moderation across the entire network is something I’ve been working to expand on a lot, so seeing community ideas on this stuff is very helpful.

Our current staff structure is probably pretty unconventional from the outside, but it has been a very effective system for us so far. The Helper role is intentionally meant to be very simple, in that we want to have a group of active players that are available to teach other players about the server. Adding moderation privileges on top of that would distract from their focus a bit. Our number of Helpers is something I definitely want to grow by quite a lot, but I try not to add too many new Helpers in a short amount of time. This is to ensure each wave of new Helpers can settle into the team over a fair amount of time, rather than immediately taking that “new Helper” status away from them by adding even more.

All moderation on the server is handled by Admins, and as you said this is a pretty small group at the moment. Of course we are looking to bring on new Admins, however this team will likely stay relatively small for a good while to ensure the Admins continue to work together as well as they do. We are working on updates to our anti-cheat to help us with moderation, and are even hiring a brand new developer to specifically work on our anti-cheat!

Adding a role in-between is not something I am looking to at this very moment due to plans with our anti-cheat and further growth of the Admin team, however our staff systems are always open to change as we grow as a server. Future plans such as an in-game reporting system and the previously mentioned anti-cheat are being worked on first though, and we will grow and change our staff structure to fit the needs we find from those updates.

I hope this wasn’t too long and boring of a read, and thanks again for sharing this suggestion!

Matt :yellow_heart:


Even InPvP only has 4 moderators currently, and they literally handle every single report and every single support, in-game moderation, etc. In my opinion, even just a small amount of Jr.Admins or something like that would definitely be necessary for handling reports, supports, etc. There doesn’t need to be a MASSIVE amount, maybe just 5-8. It’s a very small amount but definitely affective (That’s how InPvP does it).

Hive has 6 admins, but you gotta remember hive gets 5+ times more players than InPvP so it’s very much harder


Inpvp might have 4 moderaters. But when half your players are role playing and you just need to manage skywars or whatever, Inpvp would have about 500 players = 1 Moderater, hive it is about 1,200 players =1 Moderater