Ghost Mode 👻

:ghost: Ghost Mode! :ghost:

Ghost Mode is a feature that would pause all of the players statistics, for a more relaxed experience.

imageHere are some benefits from playing in Ghost Mode: image

Challenges! :crossed_swords:

Players could play self-defined challenges, without ruining their statistics.

No Winstreak, No Worries! :relieved:

Players often worry about losing their winstreaks, to the point that they will stop playing entirely.
With Ghost Mode, players can play casually, without worrying about breaking their winstreak.

I IMG_1571 Here are some more details! IMG_1571

No XP :chart_with_upwards_trend::no_entry_sign:

Playing in Ghost Mode would exclude you of any XP you would gain normally.

Ghost-Games Tracker :ghost: :compass:

Keeping count of how many games played in Ghost Mode would let players know how many games in total they’ve played. Of course, this would be the only stat tracked while in Ghost Mode.

Activation :bulb:

You could use a command such as /ghost, /gm, or an item in your inventory while in the hub or before the game starts to toggle Ghost Mode on and off.

Don’t Forget! :bangbang:

Reminding the player that they are in ghost mode is important.
Hive could implement some, or all of these ways to do that:

Blue XP Bar :cyclone:
A blue (or other colour!) XP bar would remind the player while still being subtle, and cool! :sunglasses:

Custom UI :window:
We’ve all seen how The Hives custom UI can liven up a game, so why not use it for Ghost Mode!?

Chat Message :speech_balloon:
Players could be reminded with a simple message in chat, however it could get annoying.

Thanks to @Bubblez705 for these emojis! I IMG_1571 image

really good idea. voted


really good idea. voted


This actually is not a bad idea :smiley:

This will be very cool for people who actually just want to casually play and not worry about their stats

Voted :ballot_box:


Really good idea. voted


This is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in a long time. I am currently in a bridge duos winstreak, and they use stats to verify those. That means that since stats are shared, I can’t play solos without throwing the streak. This feature would solve that problem, since I could play without stats updating. This could even switch off SBMM!


what a brilliant idea! I usually hate playing pvp games at night because it would ruin my stats (nighttime is way sweatier) but if I had this “ghost mode” I wouldnt have to worry! Sure, I wouldnt get any xp, but idm. Voted!


This could be added, but newer players would still stand no chance, even if you weren’t playing your best.


That is fair, I’m just a bit fed up with it bc the wait times take forever.


Maybe switch regions sometimes, it might be faster a little idk im just saying


This is a great idea I would’ve never been able to make a idea this great :cubee:

probably because I waste my life on tiktok...

I’m starting to think that forum posts are getting worse and worse every couple of days and things and this is one of the better posts


What do you mean?


More dupes, a lot of ideas just aren’t as good as old ones (including my most recent suggestions), and off-topic replies. (such as this one)
Not trying to offend anyone, it just isn’t the same.

To get back on topic, there should be some kind of marker for if you are using ghost mode. Maybe something above your head in the pre-game lobby. (Not a hat, maybe like an emote that is always there.)


I think the number of games you play in ghost mode should also be tracked, so that you’ll know how many rounds you’ve played in total when not keeping track of other stats. Keeping track of any other game statistic would probably defeat the point of having ghost mode in the first place.


If they do track that I would like for it to be a second statistic. So there could be a “games played normally” stat and a separate “games played in ghost mode” stat.


I don’t really see the purpose in letting other people know you are on ghost mode, as it may lead to confusion.
However, having an icon at the top right or something would be helpful. Great Idea!


Nice this would be great!(voted)


This is a great Idea. The only thing is that I would set a limit to how many ghost games you could play in one day, that way ppl don’t just grind ghost games. Otherwise, it may be harder for ppl to actually get into a regular game bc they are playing against a ghost moder


What’s the point of adding this if it’s going to be limited!
Remember, there’s no benefit to playing in ghost mode (other than the peace of mind), and ghost mode is just an optional feature that players could use!