Gamemode suggestion: The floor is lava

Gamemode: The Floor is Lava

[So i notice that the hive likes unique things. And pvp gamemodes on hive usually get alot of attention but also people like games like block drop and deathrun quite well.

So why not make a gamemode like floor is lava. Make a few maps which have several floating islands above each other on them, if possible infinitely generating. Make the lava speed up over time. Give the players a grace period with a ton of chests. Make the iron ore from skywars exist so you can get infinite blocks to build up with. Make a smaller and smaller border like dare i reference the fortnite storm.

Basically, just make upwards skywars / survival games but the lava is rising. The reason i think this could work is cause it involves pvp, something proffesional players might enjoy, and parkour, something casual player and a few new players might enjoy to play aswell. It appeals to all player groups if done right

Ok im done lol

Obviously this is just a suggestion, do what you feel free to lol. Enjoy the free idea ig. If anyone wants to add anything which could be a cool idea, reply with it, im interested to see more things lol

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This is a good idea, I really think hive should implememt this.

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this seems very cool. voted!


I think this is a dupe, its the same concept with shulker wars that some1 already suggested.

Also how do you even put links


1 vote. Very good idea

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Here ya go pal
New game: Shulker Wars