Four Way Bridge

Four way Bridge? How to score, just simple make it to any bases goal, besides your own! Incase a team leaves their goal will be disable so no one can use it to score. Score 3 points to win, could be up to 9 rounds. Teams of 2 or 3, let the chaos begin!


Who wins the game?

Which ever team gets to 3 first, same as regular bridge but more teams competing to win.


Hmm… would be more chaotic, like you said

However, one thing i like about bridge is that if my opponent is almost scoring at my base, if i score they go back to their base. Maybe add a feature like this. Plus 11-15 other players(not including you) A: would take forever to start B: it goes from 2 MAX trying to knock u off, up to 9-12.
Its a good idea, but needs some issues accounted for.

I would enjoy a mega(2 teams, 5-10 each team) or like TW, 2 minions that have to be scored in 1 each before u can score the big one 3x to win. I think this might be a better concept and less chaotic

Good idea, im just pointing out possible issues.


i feel like there would be very little pvp time bc there are more portals ppl can go through to score, so there would always be ppl scoring and i feel like that would ruin this. other than that this is a great idea

The only portal you can score in is the one across from you, so like red can only score in yellow and if you go into a different one you aren’t supposed to then it will respawn you back at your base.

Also the map you made looks great

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I don’t like the idea. Seems too complicated for others to play it.

oh ok i get it now

I like the idea! I think this map though might work better for just teams of one or two?

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Yeah probably, thank you.

Doesn’t this exist on hypixel as well, or is that like bedwars practice club or smth, either way I have definitely seen 4 way bridge before so it can work. Oops accidental bump

Bump so more people can see🙃
I think this would be way more fun than regular bridge

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Me too, I want to grind every Hive game but just Bridge 1v1 or 2v2 is too sweaty :sweat:

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Obviously it’ll be sweaty with the 1v1s since its skill based matchmaking enabled.

I know that’s why I don’t like it

What did you expect then when you heard skill-based matchmaking lol

Also not all 2v2 lobbies are sweaty and it can be nice to grind most times since you get XP a little faster.

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It looks cool

Yes it would be beautifully chaotic. A good way to grind XP tho :+1:


Icy bridging on that map would be fun lol