Forum Moderators

I feel like we as a community could benefit a lot from having Forum Mods. A lot of the staff members don’t spend much time on the forums, and I feel like active and mature forum members should be able to apply to become forum mods.

Now, this would be a forums only role, no in-game stuff. I feel like they should have to have the regular role to apply. (Suggested by @ariannasv22!) After a forum mod successfully applies and is accepted, they would be able to re-categorize topics, close topics, and delete posts. (Feel free to suggest more if you wish!) I don’t feel like they should be able to suspend users, but if anyone disagrees feel free to reply.

The Benefits
The forums would basically have 24/7 moderation, from active and mature players. Duplicate suggestions, necro-posting, and inappropriate posts would no longer be something admins have to worry about. I just feel like the forums would be even tidier than they currently are. :+1:

what about In game, u get a like i cant show an example

EarthHades61370 [F]
I like leaf.

i like leaf would be the hub title and the F would stand for forum mod, but u dont get any in game extras

I just don’t think it would be necessary. Being a forum mod shouldn’t give you in-game perks. That might make some only want to apply for those perks. I feel like only dedicated forum users should be the ones applying, not inexperienced users who want a letter next to their in-game name. :+1:


no, it’d show that they’re a forums mod
id want forum mod
it was a suggestion

I like It

In game maybe have a F or something next to there name? Like A for Admin and H for Helper, F for Fourm.

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thank u lol
u know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not what he meant, did you even read the suggestion?

100% agreed we need this

random note, would this count for count until a staff member replys


NOO the point of these people is to be active, we don’t need active people on that game to ruin us


only if you applied.

I don’t really post too much there lol, and idk if I’d want to delete, change and do stuff to topics, if this is accepted and I’m REALLY bored I might

Holly: 300px-Am_I_a_Joke_To_You_


We do not need forum mods because the admins have it all under control


For once cheese makes a good point.
I can’t think of any time of when I’ve been here on the forums that has made me think
“woah this man bumped a month old post accidentally, we obviously need more moderators to stop this unruly act”

2 admins are assigned to their own places on the forums at the moment and that’s more than enough.


When my post gets flagged an admin reacts in at least 30 minutes (or less)


Pixel would be the best forum mod


Pixel. You already are a forum mod without being about to do special stuff (can we play skywars later)

Pixel for Forum leader!!!

Yeah, I’m free for some SkyWars! :slight_smile:

Dang, 21 votes.
I feel like if they do add mods, they should at least be a regular. The application also might be similar to the helper one, if I had to guess.