Fix Spawnkilling in Capture The Flag

I think that something should be implemented in the new Capture the Flag game to prevent spawnkilling.

Possibly make the team respawn area only accessible to the players on their respective teams who have respawned.

Even if my exact suggestion isn’t a good one, there needs to be some sort of fix to this problem. A lot of the games of Capture The Flag that I play gets annoying because of people spawn camping and spawn killing while their other teammates steal my team’s flag until they win.

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Hello! I just wanted to say that spawnkilling is against our rules. If there are people spawnkilling, please use /report and a Moderator will look into it!


Having behavior rules in place isn’t enough to fix the problem since they usually can’t be punished in real time and you’ll still lose a lot of games to people who break them. It would be way better if there were a feature in the game preventing the problem in the first place, such as just making the spawn area inaccessible to the enemy team.


I think a great fix is to make it so you can’t place tnt near the other team’s spawn.


Yeah, that’s what i’m thinking!

That would be a good fix because tnt is so destructive!! :joy:

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Ok, awesome! I’ll definitely report when I see it.

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Or there could be an upgrade like the healing pool on hypixel bedwars which grants you health in your spawn

Yep i faced this problem many times,it is even worse when they have tnt cause the can now insta kill your team.Great suggestion!

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And if you missed a report, use /recentreplays

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theres really nothing you can do about it

Treasure wars has been out for years and people still spawn kill

Although what do you call spawn killing i dont think killing someone 2-3 times it spawnkilling, they might just wanna get the flag, but if its for no purpose then yeah

hopefully hive somehow finds a way to fix spawn killing

yeah, it seems like such a bigger problem in Capture the Flag than Treasure Wars though.

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personal i don’t see that much of a problem with it, you do spawn with invincibility if you don’t attack the other team which would give you enough time to run but more so because it would be almost impossible to actually put anything in place to stop spawn killing. mainly would be what actual classes as spawn killing, if your team has the enemy flag and is running, one of the best ways to defend them is to just kill the enemy team to buy time, but this would be kinda against spawn killing rules, so what do you do; is there a certain distance someone has to be out of spawn to kill them? do you just let them run after your team because you aren’t allowed to kill them? and moving the spawns back with a barrier wouldn’t fix the problem either as the “spawn killers” would just camp where the new barrier is. if you put a 1 team system on the barrier tho then the enemy team could run in with your flag and it would be impossible for anyone to gain points. and not placing tnt near spawns is a bad idea (at least with how the game is now) because people can go into spawns after they have spawned, like running back into spawn and then it would be harder to kill them. tldr: its not very good to impost strict spawn killing restrictions on a game where the objective is to pretty much enter the opponents spawn.

i do think there could be a slight fix in this and the other game modes tho; if when you spawn you have a timer on your invincibility AND a notice saying that if you attack someone you would loose invincibility, this would 1. low key tell people that they can run and 2. make the whole loosing invincibility when attacking thing more clear which should low key tell people in game that if they are getting spawn trapped they can run. and maybe a slightly longer invincibility.

if you think i’m wrong about any of this just tell me.


An idea could be to make it so that only team members (Who aren’t holding the flag) Can be in the spawn area. Though people can kill after the spawn protection area has been left, it will make things much more fair.

The protection should act as a wall, so arrows cannot go through either way, and hits through the wall don’t work.


Check forst

& what after /report
What can I report about, there’s no option for Spawn Kill report?

I have made a suggestion about adding spawntrapping to the in-game report menu. But to this time the Hive discord server is the place to report spawntrappers.

Then add it as a report option

Put this under Capture The Flag!

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