Nerf Spawn Killing in CTF

Spawn killing is a massive problem in CTF - Sometimes, its fine, as it allows for fast wins. However, other times people just kill farm and it’s annoying.

Spawn killing needs to be nerfed, its very op as u get like 4 people just murdering everyone as soon as they spawn. Spawn invul only lasts like 3 seconds while the respawn time is closer to 8. Sweats have developed some countermeasures, like spam clicking as soon as they respawn or placing tons of blocks, but they still won’t win the 1v4 or 1v5.

One solution is to make it so people can’t enter the other team’s spawn. This would fix spawn killing while allowing for a team to completely control someone else’s spawn to get flags faster, as they’d just have to kill people once they left their spawn. It would serve the same purpose as spawn killing does right now, but it would be a lot less unfair and toxic. The problems with this include someone could leave their spawn, hit people, and then run back into their spawn as soon as they’re low to regenerate their health. A fix could be made here too where if u leave ur spawn u can’t go back in for like 20 seconds or something.

Another solution is to increase spawn invincibility to 5 or even 8 seconds. This would give players a chance to fight back, and also allow for their team to respawn and help them making it a 2 or even 3v4 instead of a 1v4 - A lot less one sided. The potential problems with this include making it harder to control the other team’s flag area as they could run out of their spawn with 3-5 seconds of invul left and start stabbing people. A workaround to this problem is that they lose their spawn protection as soon as they leave the spawn area.

My final solution idea is to give players total spawn invincibility while in their spawn so long as they haven’t left it or shot a bow. giving players infinite spawn protection when in their spawn, so long as they haven’t drawn a bow or left their spawn after respawning would fix all the problems stated above without leaving openings for exploitation. If the entire team stays in their spawn to avoid spawn killing, then the other side gets a free win. If they leave their spawn to contest the flag, then its a fair game and they’d lose their spawn protection. All this would do is stop spawn killing and kill farming from ruining the experiences of players solo queing and noobs who just want to have fun.

Edit: I know this is a similar idea to the other one, but i provide more ideas and solutions here. This should remain it’s own individual post.

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