Make Spawn Killing Bannable on CTF and Bridge

Thats pretty much it, it’s in the title.

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By illegal do you mean bannable? Because that feels like it would pretty hard to enforce. (I’m guessing you just played a game of bridge where you got spawn killed before making this post though lol)


Can you please give more information? E.g which areas, how many times it would take, would it be kickable or just a short ban from bridge/ctf?

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yeah ill edit

it is a rule for treasure wars so i dont see why they cant add it to bridge and ctf

mmmmmmm maybe

if they are camping at your base just killing you over and over again that shouldnt be allowed. its actually free xp grinding which is the main reason why is bannable in tw


I keep getting spawn killed as well. not fun

There are already tons of topics made about this.
Plus it already has been archived.

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Agreed, spawn killing really is annoying, and the hive doesn’t stop the spawn killers, but rewards them by giving them XP for kills. A way to prevent this would not to give xp for killing someone in their spawn area

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that one was a dupe that’s why it was archived

the original post is here: Fix Spawnkilling in Capture The Flag

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I’m just showing that the topic is already archived. No need to link the original one.

Well This would only matter if you get xp from kills and I don’t know if u do in these games I know its bannable in treasure wars because u get xp

it was archived bc it was a dupe…

In any game you can get kills, you will get XP from it

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But I don’t want to get banned

(Joke joke joke joke joke joke)

Spawn killing is punishable if done excessively and defeating the point of the game, such as not taking the flag back in CTF or not scoring an easy point in Bridge. If you do see players doing this, feel free to report them using the /report command and a staff member will look into it as soon as possible.

There is no perfect solution to spawn killing and it isn’t fair to say we reward them with XP for doing it - Are we to simply remove XP from getting kills? Similarly, hackers are rewarded with XP for winning, are we to remove XP altogether? Report the players breaking the rules and they will be looked into :slight_smile: