Costume Try On Store

updated to fit into hive’s new hub

The new hive hub has a couple clothing stores, are there is one interesting one very close to spawn

I suggest hive turn this building into a costume try on store, it is close to spawn has a fitting theme
When a player enters this store they can choose to try on a costume
They can choose to try on any costume or maybe new “featured” ones for a cheaper price
If a player tries on a costume they can wear it inside the store for up to 10 minutes. Costume try on’s could be free or cost a small amount of qp (ex 20 per try on or 15 per try on for featured costumes)

Down stairs there is a fake glass mirror

This could be changed for a clear mirror model where you can have it display a 360 of any costume on the hive store
Using the npc’s at the desks you can go to the hive store with the featured costumes at the top or choose to rent a costume. To rent a costume it would cost between 100-200 qp for a day depending on the costume,
You can also rent a costume hourly 10-20 qp for an hour
When renting a costume you can choose the amount of time to rent.
Featured costumes would have a small discount (10-25%)You also can’t rent another costume until 2 days after the last rental ended. This is so people can’t continuosly use qp on costumes
While the renting a costume might seem a little useless, it could be useful for someone who needed to use it for a video but couldn’t buy it.

The best part about this is that it can work for all kinds of cosmetics! Since we now have 2 other wearable cosmetic types since the original creation of this

Please give feedback on what you think of this idea, and maybe hive will add it

-a hive hub rat


i love the idea of trying on costumes, I think maybe if you leave the shop you lose the rent of costume. Im not much of a fan about renting a costume with qp, but yeah

Have a great day, heres a vote!


I really like this idea and it would make the hub feel more interactive and full of life. Voted.

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This is a BRILLIANT idea! Its a great way to preview costumes!


This part of a suggestion I like, not sure about the mirrors, because that would require your device to have rtx, which most people don’t have.

I really dislike this idea, if you had a decent amount of qp, you could rent one every day for a long time. Hive Is a business, and they will make alot of money from people purchasing costumes.

Mabye if it was priced at 600


Maybe just make it so you can only purchase it once, (for each costume)
Also why would people keep on paying for it anyway, you can’t leave the room with it on

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You can leave the store with rented ones

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They can wear it inside the store not outside.


That’s for trying

For rentals u can wear outside for a day

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Wait are you suggesting that they should change it?

Or are you saying that’s how it works irl?

I liked the costume trying idea. For example, I liked the Frost Queen costume, but when I bought it, I saw that the costume’s legs weren’t moving, so I didn’t like it anymore. So, I would see the costume I’m planning to buy before buying it if this was in the game, I voted!

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I changed then rental price to 100-200 qp, and you can now only rent one time a week so people can’t constantly rent costumes. also rented ones can leave store. Thanks for the feedback!



Im not sure if this is useful. Your spending some of your questpoints to temporarily have costume on for a short period of time. I would not use this feature as it would not be worth it. Im sure people would rather buy something IF it was permanent. And since you can only have it in one place, its kind of not worth it even more.

This wouldn’t be necessary. We have (F5) for pc and different perspectives in settings across all devices.

Using the npc’s at the desks you can go to the hive store with the featured costumes at the top or choose to rent a costume. To rent a costume it would cost between 100-200 qp for a day depending on the costume

100-200 Questpoints. Hmmm. It would be much more value to buy an XP booster. I know thats also temporary but it depends on how much you use of it. Would be more worthwile to grind for the costume if i’m honest.

When renting a costume you can choose the amount of days to rent. Featured costumes would have a discount. You also can’t rent another costume until 1 week after the last rental ended.

Cant rent a costume for another week?! D: Thats a bit too long if you ask me. If we link back for questpoint preview thingys. What if questpoints were used to temporarily wear the monthly costume. But that would still be worthless

I cant give ideas here because I just have nothing to say

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I think being able to preview the costumes before you buy them by trying it on is a good idea, but I think only being able to preview certain costumes is kinda pointless, I would rather just want to preview them all. And I don’t like the rental idea

Why I think the rental idea is not fit for hive:

  1. Costumes cost around $2 USD. At least for Americans, 2 dollars isn’t that much. U can get money for costumes in a variety of ways, including using Microsoft Rewards

  2. You can get costumes permanently for 1500 QP. Honestly, if u want a costume badly enough you will grind the QP, even if it takes forever. This is another alternative instead of spending money, and u get the costume permanently, not just for one day

In conclusion, I think the renting idea is kinda pointless because I don’t really see a target audience for that feature. Even if you are 8 years old and have no money to spend, you can grind QP or Microsoft rewards to get money for a costume. And the try on idea is ok, but I would rather have a menu like the marketplace where I can see all the costumes instead of just a select few.


considering how you can buy a costume for 1500 qp in the quest shop, this is a non-issue.

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I have changed some of the costume rental stuff


I have made some changes to this and added a concept image!


Maybe as an addition to the costume, when ur wearing a costume from the costume store it has a little tag somewhere on it, maybe on the leg or something, that says “Rental” or something. IDK i just feel like that would be a nice little detail.


The small tag would probably ruin the point of someone wanting to try on or rent the costume because they wouldn’t get the feel of owning the actual costume but personally I would love to see that as a small detail


Hive made changes to the weekly offers so I decided to come back to this post
I made a few small changes to this post and added a new concept image (by using friends lol)