Costume Try On Store

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Sounds cool to me c:

What if, instead of buying costumes at the quest master, you bought them at this shop, a place where you could try on costumes to see if you like how they look. Or, you have the option of buying the costumes at the quest master island but you can also buy them at the shop as well.

Either way, this idea has LOTS of potential.


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Bump! Because this is a good suggestion

Great Idea Mate :+1:


LOVE THIS!!! You always wonder what the costume will actually look like on you before you buy. This would be a huge hit in the hub. Voted <3

I like this idea alot because the other day me and my friend were meming and he owned the banana costume and for the particular meme we were doing u needed the banana costume so I bought it but if the renewal feature was a thing I could have just rented it. Voted!

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Good idea

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Lovely idea :blush:

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With the removal of the arcade hub many of my best topics are now ruined but a couple can be changed to fit the new hub, starting with this one

I have changed the store to be from the podium place in arcade to the small clothing shop in hub, there would no longer be featured displaying costumes, although there could still be a discount for new, similar to new, or season fitting costumes, you can still try on the costumes but I have added a new addition to the suggestion: display room, giving a 360 of any costume, replacing the try on rooms and to better fit the layout of the clothing shop


This would bring the new hub some much needed life! On top of everything you said, there could be some quests for quests v2 whenever that comes(probably never :frowning: ). Like: delivering costumes to an NPC around the hub, bringing NPCs to the store, cleaning the store, and finding and bringing back costumes that were lost on the way to the store.


bump i rlly thing dat place fits in for us to see costumes


i love this idea :mailbot:

Good idea, but feel that renting does not fit theme of The Hive. Maybe as another idea for Quests is the ability to buy “Try On” gifts for other players

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great idea!