Renting cosmetics

So, here is an idea similar to a part of this post Costume Try On Store
The idea is basically to add a rent cosmetics section in the questmasters hut.
You can rent every type of cosmetic except for hubtitles and avatars. You pay QP to rent them.
You pay by the hour.
Here Is the price for each:
Costumes: 200QP for 1 day or 50QP for one hour
Backbling/hats: 100QP for one day, 10QP an hour
Anything else: 50-500QP a day depending on the item, 10-100QP per hour depending on the item.

Anyway, that all for now!
Thanks for reading, and please leave feedback!

players can get 100+ qp every day from quest master easily , thus getting a backbling for free permanently by just doing a few quests

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Ok so then what about more like 200 QP

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still really does not fit theme of The Hive and they would lose money. The try on shop makes a lot more scene and Hive would most likely get more money because people know that it will look good.


As stated, the Hive would likely lose money and it would also devalue the cosmetics and create less rarity throughout the hub. And realistically, it would make more sense to just buy the costume instead of renting.