Choose your own song in BP

Ok I know this is similar to this post, but it works differently and isn’t a dupe. I think you should be able to choose your own music for block party that only you can hear. You could choose any song from the soundtrack, have it work like it does now (changing every game), or even have a shuffle mode where it switches every game.
With this approach, people can choose their music without making other people have to listen to it, so it doesn’t get repetitive for other players.
Thank you for reading my suggestion! :smile:

I’m voting for both, i’ll take either.
also splodger added block party category

Oh I meant to put it there but forgot. Ty for reminding me. :sweat_smile:

Fair enough.

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I do feel like choosing your own music is a very good idea so you can play your favourite tracks all the time , though maybe add a random button too so people don’t have to pick just in case. (Also my first BUMP)