Auto kick murderer after 2 afk/no kill minutes

I think that if the murderer doesnt kill someone within 2 minutes, the game ends with the winners being innocent. I hate playing games and the murderer is afk or just runs around and it drags on for 5 minutes


Eh, I think it should be like what happens in Hide and Seek and a new seeker gets randomly chosen, so in this case a new murderer. Idc if the previous one gets kicked or not, but I do think this would be way more interesting and fun.


Yeah but i mean if it works like that it would throw off the percentage of being murderer and also the end leaderboard


I disagree. I think this brings a new dimension in to the game where I’m going around looking for some one acting weird, no bow etc. If all the games were the same it would get boring.

Thank you for actually giving a reason for disagreeing with something, most people don’t unless you ask them to. Anyways I believe the best way to make it less boring/the same would be to add another murderer after the 2 minutes. Most people will have bows by that time so two murderers wouldn’t be too hard to kill unless the lobby was empty upon the game starting. Remember that the second murderer would only appear if the first one hasn’t killed anyone in that time. I do agree that kicking the murderer would make games more boring and not fun for those that want to get 50 coins for xp.
And to respond to Camgames, I feel as this shouldn’t mess with peoples’ murderer chances, because then people will complain that they lost their chances, since the game is almost half way over and everyone having bows. The podium at the end could say, “Murderer(s),” and switch between both of them, such as it does in games with a team. (tw, sw, sg and jb)


Another murderer would be a terrible idea lol, as would choosing a new murderer. The entire point of this game is that there is a single murderer slowly killing (or quickly killing) innocents and they can defend themselves by collecting 10 coins and getting a bow. Also theres a sheriff hunting the murderer.

The original idea of kicking the murderer after 2 minutes of no killing fixes the problems and doesn’t create new ones/change major gameplay dynamics, so imo thats the best solution.


I understand you hate change, but what? The point of murder mystery is exactly what it sounds like, doesn’t mean it HAS to be only one murderer. I know you are aware of a game called Among Us, thats another murder mystery game. And guess what, it has the ability to have multiple impostors, which are murderers. I don’t see much problems that selecting a new murderer would cause besides the ones I’ve already pointed out and addressed, please tell me those reasons that you have. The whole point was to spice up the game a little bit, idk how often a murderer doesn’t kill, so I have no clue on how big of a change it would cause. The game is a well known concept and has been around for a long time, this would give it a bit more uniqueness from the years of the same thing. Either way I think its a good idea until proven otherwise, you can still hate the idea if you please.

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please do not say murder mystery is supposed to be like among us, it makes me sad inside. Also major changes to game mechanics (ie a second murderer, the ability to become murderer mid-game) deserve their own suggestion, thats not what this post is about. This suggestion is simply a way to curb afk or passive murderers (something almost everyone hates).

Also, and I know this is irrelevant, but you don’t see a single problem with 2 murderers? Not even one? Really bro?


I did not say it was supposed to be like among us, I meant that two murderers isn’t something that could never happen as it has happened before. And yeah like I said, I have addressed all the issues I can think of at the moment.

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among us and murder mystery are completely different games in nature, even though they share similar themes, so just because it happens in one doesnt mean it should happen in the other (ie the ability to shoot the murderer midgame, etc). Also, having 2 murderers is TERRIBLE for gameplay because it totally ruins any teamwork that innos would be able to have because it’s impossible to clear someone without them holding a bow.

Having the murd be kicked after 2 minutes of not killing would be very nice and would fix a massive flaw in the current game.

Anyways, if u want a second murder pls make a new suggestion, I wonder how many votes it will get.

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27, but it is quite old. Also if I did not make it clear, its an alternative to this suggestion that I think would be better. A detective game doesn’t have much teamwork anyways, anyone could be the murderer until they hold a bow.

Sometimes I see murderers that try really hard but they are new so they can’t kill anyone. Also thats already a feature in the game which I believe it is 1 minutes or 30 seconds afk.

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thats fair, but if theyre running around with a knife out theyre gunna get shot before 2 minutes. Also, afk kicking only kicks afk murds, not ones that are moving around but refusing to kill. This would fix the problem of passive murderers.

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- Suggestion Discussion -

I personally disagree with the murderer being kicked after a short period of time, the murderer being replaced or a second murderer joining the team. The following three paragraphs explain my personal opinion on the current discussion as well as give my input on a solution for the current problem with passive murderers.

I’ll start with a new murderer being choosen / another murderer joining the team - this would simply lead to the murderer not killing on purpose. Either to get an advantage through the second murderer, as you can kill everyone easier, or to make it harder for another murderer. If the murderer was to replaced after 90-120 seconds, the new murderer would have it much harder because most innocents will likely have a bow and the new murderer would only have 280-310 seconds to kill everyone. This would be incredibly hard on large maps with many hiding spots (e.g. Remnants, Spaceship, …)

Most murderers that do not kill players are often just new to the server/game and are therefore a bit shy. Kicking the murderer would be like saying “you didn’t leave your island in Treasure Wars for 2 minutes, you now get kicked”. There are even some murderer strats that involve waiting for a bit, to have an easier endgame. However, by kicking the murderer, they won’t be able to learn how to play the role and therefore just continue being shy. Also as already mentioned above, it would be boring for the innocents as well, as you just move around the map for 2 minutes to get literally nothing out of it (except a few experience points I guess).

I think the best way to fix the problem of passive murderers is by adding some sort of indication that shows who the murderer is. Here are a few examples: red runner trail like in DeathRun; a sword icon above the murderer which shows their location for a few seconds (similar to the flag icon in Capture the Flag, just temporary on repeat and not permanently). However, I think this should only be added to the game after 150 to 180 seconds. This way, the game doesn’t end too boring for the innocents as they still get the chance to actively defeat the murderer, instead of him just poofing.


Hasn’t been a lot of votes, bump

Bump. I want to see this implemented.

It was a comparison, my dude, and I agree with him completely.

That’s actually a really good idea!

a new seeker gets randomly chosen, so in this case a new murderer.

Would this apply for the Sheriff? It would be funny if their bow all of the sudden turned into an Iron Sword.

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Kinda true! :sweat_smile:
That would be fun ngl

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