Announce Murder Mystery Deaths

Announce when a player dies. This also goes with this suggestion. Maybe add unlockable death messages too? This would also solve the issue of your friend not being able to chat with you when they die. Now, you’d realize that they died and can’t chat. Maybe the default message could be:

ThanPixel was murdered! Oh dear!

If someone shoots an innocent with a bow the message could be:

ThanPixel wrongly killed BlueSlimeMC! Uh oh!

This will be good because if our friend dies this need to show up

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A message for people who’ve left would be good too, so you know if the murderer is actually killing people, or if they are AFK, and people are leaving


i like how u murdered blueslime



What can he say? Blueslime is very sus :joy:


I like it being silent so it I more of a mystery because if you know that a player was when he died than you know where he is. Overall I like the idea and wouldn’t mind if it was in the game.



ThanPixel gave up. Welp.

And also

ThanPixel killed the Murderer! Hooray!

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I personally think this would be a bit too visible, I feel like if this type of thing is added it should only be on the gravestones(though that would be harder to do)

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I see the idea there, but the problem I’ve with is… yeah, you’re supposed to NOT talk while dead… even if you are friends ':3 Because you’re supposed to be not cross-teaming, and giving clues to one specific person gives unfair advantage towards others.

I agree that maybe there should be messages in chat to show what’s going on (and on graves like said in tihs thread GyrrabirdGamer - Death messages on gravestones), to help players moreover newcomers knowing better the game, but it doesn’t have to tend to unfair advantage, would be not cool for others :slight_smile: