Addition Of Classic Skywars

I know that people have suggested that skywars should be changed to classic skywars completely, but I personally disagree with this. I am aware that many people like the version of skywars that the hive has set up, and I am also aware that many people dislike this version. There is a simple solution to this. While It could be argued that people can play classic on other servers (Cubecraft, Lifeboat, Mineplex, etc) The Hive has less lag, and a better anti-cheat than other servers. The solution is having the original skywars that is active on The Hive currently, and classic skywars as an option to play. This way both sides will have what they want, with no drawbacks.

             (I am open to talking about potential problems/changes to this theory)
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Apparently the hive is kinda considering something like this, personally I’m indifferent.


I also want something like this

duplicate suggestion

please use the search function next time

this is a duplicate of:
Skywars Classic Mode


he already knows read again

Speed, reach and autoclicker hackers say hi :slight_smile:

@HolyPotato263 Thanks for reminding, i’ll do that next time!

@xsurvived Well it’s a whole lot better than Cubecraft


And mineplex where it’s super laggy and you get absolutely no gear.

Skywars tier
Hive unique less laggy has people that can left click

Cubecraft has kits but not op. Some clueless and some good players. items are not balanced well

Mineplex Supper laggy, everyone is clueless

In pvp inventories clogged easily, lots of cheaters,

Lifeboat Full of clueless players, you get kicked for being good at the game

Ah, lifeboat in it’s rightful place at the very bottom.

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I didn’t even know that lifeboat had skywars :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with that lb placement


I edited why I the rankings

true, we really need this, the current one is more like a prison server than skywars, the chests absolutely suck